A Week in The CW Arrowverse – Week 1

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a couple of dudes at the Geekiverse because superhero TV is back on The CW. Those two comic geeks will be giving a weekly run down of the 4 shows. Welcome to Grumpy and Lou’s “A Week in the Arrowverse”.

A Week in the Arrowverse – Week 1

Here’s how it works. We’re going to list them in the order that they air each week, and each of us will take two per week, and the other can feel free to add on or rebut the other’s opinion. We’ll alternate every other week, and at the end of the piece we’ll both offer our thoughts on which was the best episode. Here we go.


Arrowverse Week 1: Supergirl and J'onn J'onnz
Image: The CW

Grumpy: Awww… c’mon now. What the heck? Fitting that I should comment on this one. No one knows grumpy like I do, and Kara was Olympic level grumpy in this episode. I’m not saying it was a bad idea for an story, but the season premiere???? There was a few nice moments, I suppose, particularly one scene between Alex Danvers and J’onn J’onzz. We already know from previous announcements that Floriana Lima is not sticking around , as Maggie Sawyer for long this season, so the scene was really nice to establish how important that the relationship between Alex and J’onn is.  I have to assume that the appearance of Adrian Pasdar, who has some serious Geek cred (Heroes, Agents of SHIELD) signals a new series regular. I can’t imagine he would sign for just one humiliating episode. That would make me grumpy. He plays the foil well, so I’m behind this decision. I’m sure my approval means a lot to Greg Berlanti and crew. Overall, episode ranking, luke warm.

Lou: Alright.  Greg……..can I call you Greg? Right. Mr. Berlanti, okay.  Can we make a new rule for this universe?  Only Oliver Queen is allowed to be a miserable bastard for the entirety of an episode (…or in his case, entire seasons).  I had hoped in the past that Supergirl would take on a “darker” tone…and I wholeheartedly regret that wish.  Part of what makes Kara, and in turn Supergirl, so fun and engaging is the innocence and lightheartedness that she embodies.  The fact that she almost seems as if she’s having fun while fighting crime is a nice ying to Oliver’s “this is a burden and every moment is soul crushing”‘s yang.  The anger (…and the giving up on the “human” side of her) was not a good look for her, but it DID allow her sister to take center stage in this episode, and she crushed it.  I’m tacking on my agreement with Grumps up there, that the highlight of the episode was Alex’s interaction with J’onn.  Have I mentioned we need more J’onn?

Oh, and the last few seconds of the episode definitely did NOT scare the holy hell out of me.  I definitely did NOT need reassurance from my wife that terrifying Kryptonian dream vampires were not a thing.  Don’t @ me.  Or my wife.

The Flash

Arrowverse Week 1 - Kid Flash and Vibe
Image: The CW

Grumpy: Ugh. Oh for two. While I fully expected to see Barry back, his return needed a bit more umpf. The path they started on was a good one, but it certainly needed a couple to three episode arc to be done right. It was too quick, even for the Flash. A few other questions were answered, satisfactorily I suppose. I think the wimpy treatment of “Flashpoint” last season (also not played out as well as it could have been) has put us in a bad place for this season.  The season finale last year was a big deal. This resolution was not a big deal. A mismatched ending and beginning, and frankly, the episode preview for next week looks a bit disappointing as at is just plain silly. I do love the strong and in-charge Iris. Well done, writers and Candice Patton. Here’s hoping THAT sticks. Please, please, please figure out a way to return The Flash to its Season 1 glory. And, I saw a preview for a film on Hallmark featuring Tom Cavanaugh. Here’s hoping some iteration of Harrison Wells returns for this season. He’s always great.

Lou: Why is it that major story arcs are covered in approximately 45 minutes on this show?  First “Flashpoint” (which I may never forgive Berlanti & Co. for), now “Crazy Speedforce Flash?”  Granted, I do not believe we’ve yet seen the repercussions of Barry’s time in the Speed Force, or what that crazy ass writing actually means, but still, the episode was borderline forgettable.  Again, I have to agree with Grumpster that this should’ve been a multi-episode arc.  But The Flash‘s saving grace is now, and has always been, its incredible cast portraying fantastic characters.  “Bats— Barry” was a treat to watch, as were the performances of Iris, Cisco, Caitlin and the forever underrated Joe West.  Next episode looks certifiably ridiculous, so if we could just skip to new Harrison Wells, anything having to do with the Thinker (he’s weird and not a speedster, I like it), and give me Danny Trejo as Breacher, and you’ve made up for the shortcomings of this episode.  Actually, just give me Danny Trejo.

Legends of Tomorrow 

Arrowverse Week 1: Rip and Sara Legends of Tomorrow
Image: The CW

Lou: What is there to even say about this show.  Sara Lance legit fought Julius f—ing Caesar on a beach in Aruba, and my thoughts were, “yeah, this is about what I expected from Legends of Tomorrow.”  The best decision the powers that be ever made with this show was to not take itself seriously, because the comedic moments and pop culture references are LoT’s “bread and butter” (whatever the hell that means).  In this episode alone, we heard references to Ghostbusters and the Batman television show, a battle on a beach between the White Canary and the Emperor of Rome from, oh, 44 BC, and we watched Rip Hunter straight “Men in Black” King Arthur.  So yeah, I doubt I’ll ever LOVE Legends of Tomorrow, but I do enjoy it’s insanity from time to time.

Oh!  And next week Billy Zane plays PT Barnum.  Sweet Lord, this show is crazy.

Grumpy: As ridiculous as it was/is, Legends was almost my pick for episodes of the week, solely because it was true to itself. Like Lou, this will never be my favorite of the pack, because it is often just silly, but I do get a kick out of it. I love how they bungle their way through the time stream. Some great real historical characters have made their way into episodes, and that is always fun. I think my two favorite parts of this episode were the jobs that the Legends had settled into since having their wave runner turned into a trainer, and the 30 second crossover of Kid Flash. I really do enjoy the shared universe the CW has created. It works better on the small screen for them than their big screen attempts.


Arrowverse Week 1: Oliver and William Arrow
Image: The CW

Lou: I’m admittedly harder on Arrow than the other 3 shows, and my guess is that it has something to do with my love of the Green Arrow and my affection for the first couple of seasons.  I readily acknowledge that out of the 4 premieres, Arrow had the strongest, most entertaining one.  The fight choreography seemed to have stepped up its game, the time jumping story telling unfolded nicely, and the scene of the Emerald Archer ascending from the water to take out a couple of thugs, well, that was beautiful.

But…but…but… are you trying to tell me that Oliver and Felicity are getting back together?!?!?  UUGGHHHHHHHHHH NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I also had a tough time with how horribly contrived it felt that they ONLY freakin’ person who died on Lian Lu when it literally turned into an erupting volcano was William’s mother.  My eyes have currently rolled out of my head, and they’re sitting next to me on the couch.

I’m still screaming about “Olicity” by the way.

Grumpy: While all the episodes picked up after their season finales, I think Arrow did the best. I liked that the biggest consequence of the end of last season was Oliver has to play dad, and that it isn’t easy. That was totally believable, AND fits in nicely with the 5 seasons previous where Oliver is to blame for everything. Pretty sure I could’t function in Star City if Oliver had an ounce of happiness. We grumps need to stick together. Lou was clearly still screaming about Olicity when Oli visited the hospital to see Thea, who also had a tad bit of a consequence to Prometheus explosive ending. I had heard last year that Willa Holland wanted out anyway, so maybe a season long coma is the answer. If so, kudos to her agent for keeping her in the game, because I don’t think she is the strongest performer in the game, and not sure the jobs will be rolling in. When she realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the Arrow, maybe she’ll have a job to come back to. “Thea…. thank God you’ve woken up…” but then she can have lost her memory and join Katie Cassidy on the dark side for a few eps. I loved Katie as Black Canary in the end, but man her boomerang character is just not doing it for me.

Arrowverse Episode of the Week

Grumpy’s Choice: Arrow – There were actual believable consequences to the cliffhanger of last season’s final episode. And there were consequences for more than just one character. There was lots to build on. Looking forward seeing what’s next.

Lou’s Choice: Arrow– As annoyed as I am about several continuing story lines, it was by far the strongest episode of the 4, the visuals were stunning, and my man, Slade Wilson popped up again.  I’m looking forward to his 2 episode arc this season.

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