WATCH: GeekPlay | Madden 18 Long Shot | Full Play EP1

Introducing a new series called Full Play. This series will be be doing full play throughs of games of your choice.

Once we finish a game we will post a poll on our twitter account allowing you to choose the next game. The first game we will be playing will be Madden 18‘s new story mode, Long Shot. It follows the story of Devin Wade and his friend Colt Cruise as they go through life playing football together and going through the NFL. There are many twists and turns throughout their journey, you see them grow up, hone their skills as players and navigate the rough environment of the NFL.  Have a look.

Drop us a comment below. What do you think about Madden 18? Have you played Long Shot? What needs to be improved upon? Let us know down below in the comments.

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