The Geekiverse Is Now Accepting Original Fiction and Poetry Entries

The Geekiverse is Accepting Original Fiction

Writers, we want you!

We’re are very excited to announce that going forward, The Geekiverse will now publish original short fiction and poetry of up to 7,000 words in the genres of high fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. These genres include a wide range of themes and settings, and we are open to all of them. We’re interested in fantasy that includes elves, dwarves, and dragons, but we’re also interested in fantasy that includes samurais, magic carpets, and maybe even hints of technology. Your sci-fi story could take place out in the middle of space, or right on planet Earth. So long as elements of the genre are prevalent in the story, it will earn our consideration.

We are open to mature themes, but be warned that we have our limits when tolerating gruesome subject matter. We will be turned off by stories that include excessive profanity, violence, or sexual content. This is particularly important for horror submissions. We’re much more likely to enjoy your horror story if it scares us rather than if it merely disgusts us.

We publish one new story every week on The Geekiverse, as material allows, so our submissions are open year-round. Watch the top of the Submit Fiction page for special themes or contests that we will run periodically. All submitted fiction and poetry will be in consideration for a potential printed anthology further down the line.

Excited Robot Writer

For more information on compensation, rules, and submission guidelines visit our Submit Fiction page. If after you have read through it, you have further questions you can submit them to the email on that page.



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