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I’m going to forgo my normal style of writing this column…which is essentially just me talking to myself out loud as I type, thinking I’m having a conversation who might possibly care about what my opinion is on the topic at hand… but for the sake of this episode, I’m going to switch it up a bit, for the sake of the “notes” I took during the episode…Come. Let’s go on this journey together…


So, what I’m going to do here is give a brief rundown of the episode, followed by individual moments, conversations, plot lines that I found particularly interesting, awful, or just plain awesome.  A bit different, but I figure it works best for this episode at least, because I have a lot to say, not so much about the episode itself, but different things the writers, actors, or show in general did.

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Barry, at the end of last week’s episode, traveled back in time, as he put it, “a day and some change”.  When he goes to Wells/Thawne for advice, Wells warns that time is a very fragile thing, and should be dealt with delicately.  He tells Barry to live the next day again EXACTLY as he remembers, staying as close to the original timeline as possible.  Naturally, Barry does not do this, and sets off a very different chain of events.  He captures Mardon immediately, which seems like the right thing to do, since that way Joe, and the whole city, are not in danger anymore.  But the change in the timeline has rippling effects, such as Cisco & his broham getting abducted by “Fire & Ice”, Capt. Cold and Heatwave.  Along for the ride? Snart’s baby sister, who thanks to Cisco’s forced hand, is transformed into the Golden Glider.  3 Rogues for the price of one, what did we possibly do right to deserve this!?  Well, clearly more than Barry did, because after the change in events, Iris’ feelings for him have become dormant again and she no longer “loves him”…or she does, but she’s being all Iris-y again and, yeah, just fast-forward through that part.  In the end, West is fine, Cisco stays alive, and the only person who bites it is Sledge, the editor at Iris West’s paper.  Eh, whatever.  He had it coming…. YOU DON’T MESS WITH EOBARD HARRISON WELLS THAWNE!  This does get Barry suspicious right before the credits role, to be picked up next week.  Still with me?  Stellar work, my friends.  Alright, now for my moments that MUST be talked about (by me…)…

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Barry’s Suspicions: We’ll start with the last thing we see, Barry telling Joe that he believes him now about Wells possibly being connected to his mother’s murder, because Barry knew (from the previous timeline) that Sledge had evidence on Wells/Thawne, and now he’s all dead.  I think it’s funny that THIS is what finally gets Barry suspicious, but hey, it had to come from somewhere…

Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) is Awesome:  Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of the man they call Captain Cold is one of the top highlights of an inaugural season full of highlights.  Regardless of situation, he acts as if nothing phases him.  His calm, smart, and witty, which is exactly how I like my villains.  He promised to let Cisco and his brother go if they gave him the identity of The Flash, and he stayed true to his word.  He can also be reasoned with (I’ll touch on that later).  Out of the long list of villains in this DC Television Universe, I find that this portrayal of Leonard Snart might be my favorite (Followed closely by Wells/Thawne and Arrow’s Malcolm Merlyn).

Snart says “tell them we’re in charge”, Rory then knocks him out:  I’m sorry, but this accomplishes nothing.  I imagined an extra seen where Cold tells Heatwave that he is, legit, an idiot.

I wish Joe West was My Dad: That’s all.  I just wish he was.

Mick Rory (Heatwave) is Not Awesome:  While Miller’s version of his character is spot on, maybe even better than is comic book counterpart, the same can not be said for Dominic Purcell’s version of Heatwave.  That dude royally sucks.  And I’m not saying Purcell is a bad actor, as anyone who’s watched Prison Break can attest to and back me up.  But what he, or maybe rather the show runners, are doing with this character are just…awful.  Granted, he’s supposed to be a “hot head” (pun very much intended, thank you), and they’re trying to make him the polar opposite (another pun intended…I’m awesome) of Captain Cold and his cool demeanor (is 3 puns in one sentence a record?), but his character just comes off as…ridiculous.  This is a show about a dude who can run himself back in time, and the most laughable character on the show is this dude.  Not a fan, guys. Not. A. Fan.

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“You Have Shown Me What It’s Like To Have A Son…”:  This whole scene gave me chills.  Last week we heard Wells/Thawne say this to Cisco, earnestly, moments before he put his vibrating hand through his heart.  Thheeeennnnnnnnnnnnn, Barry travels back in time, the timeline is altered, and we get a legitimately touching heart to heart between Cisco and Wells/Thawne, with W/T doing his best to comfort Cisco after, in saving his brother’s life, he gave Snart Barry’s secret that he’s the Scarlet Speedster.  The future was altered, but this line was used in a whole new context that shows you Wells/Thawne actually meant his words to Mr. Ramon in the previous episode.

“Rogue’s Gallery”: love the line, and nod to the Flash’s villainous crew in the comic books

Iris: She’s still the worst, and actually, right now, the worse than the worst.  But hey, Linda’s gone, so something good still came out of this…

The conversation between Barry and Leonard Snart in the Woods:  My favorite part of this episode.  No fighting, no arguing, just talking.  Snart laments that he does what he does for the same reason Barry does what HE does: the adrenaline rush.  Barry says that if Snart is really as smart as he KNOWS he is, that he doesn’t have to use deadly force.  Snart agrees with the assessment.  They both agree that neither of them are leaving Central City, so essentially, they have to co-exist.  And Barry makes sure Snart knows that if his identity gets out, the s— is going to go down.  And that’s where they leave it… like classy, f—ing gentlemen.  I loved every second of it.

Golden Glider’s Golden Gun: The weapon that Cisco made for Snart’s younger sister shoots…gold?  Whatever, I’ll allow it.

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The Flash’s handling of the Rogue’s Gallery:  Characters keep coming back, just like in the comics.  Characters aren’t dying off, they’re being set up for long term stays in this Universe.  I think this is the perfect way of handling top tier villains.

Wait…..but shouldn’t there be a 2nd Flash/Barry somewhere in this new Timeline????:  No, seriously, I’m asking.  Barry traveled back in time, and ran passed himself….so shouldn’t there be 2 of him in this timeline?  And if they touch they turn into a T-1000 like in Timecop?  If anyone has insight, please fill me in, because this is a damn conundrum!




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