Gotham: The Demon’s Head Review

October 15, 2017 maggiewirth 0

This week, we pick up with Bruce and Alfred searching for answers regarding the knife that Bruce bought at the black market auction, a knife they believe belongs to R’as Al Ghul. Very quickly, they […]


Gotham: Fear the Reaper Review

October 1, 2017 maggiewirth 0

Episode 2 of season 4 of Gotham is proving to us that the new era of peace that everyone thought was coming was merely a pipe dream.  Things are more insane than ever, and the […]


Guide: Gotham Character Crash Course

September 28, 2017 maggiewirth 0

This was needed. Lets be real, Gotham is a cornucopia of confusion when it comes to character arcs and relationships.  So we here at The Geekiverse thought it would be helpful to our readers (and […]


Gotham: Pax Penguina Review

September 25, 2017 Tom Kolbert 0

A Dark Knight : Pax Penguina *Spoiler Free*   Season Four of Gotham starts up exactly where it left off at the end of Season 3 with our focus being put toward Bruce and Alfred, Gordon, Bullock, […]


Ranked!: Gotham’s Greatest Villians

August 25, 2017 Josiah LeRoy 0

Few things within the Batman mythos are as divisive as Fox’s take on Gotham.  The network’s “elseworlds” origin story on the criminals rising in the ranks of Gotham’s underworld, while a world-weary Jim Gordon does his […]

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