Best of Ranked! – 2017 Edition

January 5, 2018 thesweetestlou 1

Welcome to 2018, everybody.  Let’s all be honest, 2017 brought us very little to cheer about.  My son turned 1, I got an amazing Every Time I Die hoodie from my wife, the Bills gifted […]


Gotham: The Demon’s Head Review

October 15, 2017 maggiewirth 0

This week, we pick up with Bruce and Alfred searching for answers regarding the knife that Bruce bought at the black market auction, a knife they believe belongs to R’as Al Ghul. Very quickly, they […]


Gotham: Fear the Reaper Review

October 1, 2017 maggiewirth 0

Episode 2 of season 4 of Gotham is proving to us that the new era of peace that everyone thought was coming was merely a pipe dream.  Things are more insane than ever, and the […]

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