The Geekiverse will publish original short fiction of up to 7,000 words in the genres of high fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. These genres include a wide range of themes and settings, and we are open to all of them. We’re interested in fantasy that includes elves, dwarves, and dragons, but we’re also interested in fantasy that includes samurais, magic carpets, and maybe even hints of technology. Your sci-fi story could take place out in the middle of space, or right on planet Earth. So long as elements of the genre are prevalent in the story, it will earn our consideration.

We are open to mature themes, but be warned that we have our limits when tolerating gruesome subject matter. We will be turned off by stories that include excessive profanity, violence, or sexual content. This is particularly important for horror submissions. We’re much more likely to enjoy your horror story if it scares us rather than if it merely disgusts us.

We strongly believe that there are still plenty of unique takes on these genres waiting to be written about; make your story stand out from the rest of the pack.

We accept stories for a wide range of age groups. Your story could be for adults, or young adults; either is fine by us.

Submissions must be original pieces that you own the full copyright to. We are not interested in fan fiction or anything utilizing properties in the public domain. We are also not interested in stories that have been published elsewhere, whether in print, digital, or audio format. By submitting a story to us, you are stating that your piece is original and has not been published by any other outlet. If it has been previously published, you must say so in your submission. We ask that you allow us 180 days of exclusivity to the publication of your story. Should we find your story appearing elsewhere, whether it be in electronic, print, or audio format within that time, we reserve the right to remove it from our website, and remove it from consideration for a print anthology.

We publish one new story every week on The Geekiverse, as material allows, so our submissions are open year-round. Watch the top of this page for special themes or contests that we will run periodically.

Should your story be selected by our team of editors, we will inform you what week we plan to post your story. We would like The Geekiverse to be a platform for authors to get some recognition; should we accept your story, we are also willing to include a brief bio about yourself, along with links to your social media pages, or to major works which are available for purchase.

At this time, we offer a flat $5 (US) rate as payment for each story you have published with us. It’s not much, we know, but you should get paid for your work. Payment is sent via PayPal within one week of the story’s publication on The Geekiverse website. All stories published on the website qualify to be considered for inclusion in a print anthology by The Geekiverse. We will get in contact with authors whose stories are selected for the print anthologies to explain further compensation.


Submissions must be made via email. The story or poem must be copied into the body of the email. No attachments will be opened. Please include your full name and the title of the piece at the top of the email. If you have other information you want us to know, put it above the story or poem in the email. Please allow us up to 30 days to respond, however, we typically will get back to you much sooner. If you have not heard back from us after 30 days upon submitting your story, feel free to email us an inquiry on the status of your submission.

By submitting a piece for consideration by The Geekiverse/It’s A Thing Media, you state that:
1. The piece is an original piece, written by you. You own/control the copyright.
2. The characters in this piece are original and are not part of or developed out of some other’s intellectual property. NO FAN FICTION CAN BE PUBLISHED.
3. This piece has not been published before in any format – print, digital, or audio, even on your own blog or website.

Any violation of these rules will result in your piece being removed from the site.

By submitting a piece for consideration by The Geekiverse/It’s A Thing Media you agree that:
1. You understand that payment for a single story/poem accepted for publication is a flat $5 USD payable via PayPal.
2. Your story will remain on The Geekiverse website in perpetuity unless you request removal in writing. Once the $5 payment is made, the story will not be removed by request for 180 days.
3. If your story is considered for inclusion in a print anthology, further compensation will be discussed. No story will be included in a print volume without author permission/release and additional compensation.
4. The Geekiverse will have exclusive rights to publication of the story for 180 days from publication date. No stories published elsewhere after publication on The Geekiverse will be considered for inclusion in a print anthology.

By submitting your story or poem for consideration by The Geekiverse, you agree to/acknowledge the above. You will be asked to certify that before your story will be published. If you agree to/acknowledge the above, you may submit stories and poems for consideration to:


You may also submit any additional questions you have to that address. We look forward to reading your submissions.