Self Reflection: How Did We Do With Our Star Wars: The Force Awakens Predictions In 2015?

Before we share our detailed, Star Wars: The Last Jedi predictions, we wanted to take a quick look back at our predictions for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to prove our merit.

What an exciting time it was in the Fall of 2015. A new Star Wars film was on the horizon for the first time in a decade, and the hope, anticipation, and wonder that comes along with said film was through the roof. 2 years later, we’ve received 2 movies with a third to release in just 3 weeks, not to mention Episode IX, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Rian Johnson’s new era trilogy. I fondly remember writing our The Force Awakens predictions piece on a plane, on the way back from a trip to Las Vegas.

So how did I do? I stumbled across this article last week when a friend began discussing its points. Here’s a bit of a self evaluation. Check out the original article for reference here.


The Prediction: Rey is a Solo.

The Verdict: Incomplete.
Notable Points:
– “It’s possible she has never met Luke, who appears to be hiding in The Force Awakens.”
– “This might not even be her name. It certainly isn’t her full name.”
– “Rey highly resembles both Leia and the woman that would be her grandmother, Padme Amidala.  Go back another generation and I say she resembles Shmi Skywalker the most.”

Going into The Force Awakens, I felt split on Rey’s parentage, but felt 100% that she was going to be revealed as a Solo or Skywalker during the film. Go back to the marketing. The lead-up was one giant tease, and two years later, fans are still as obsessed as ever with finding out who and where the new face of the franchise came from. I’ll be honest with you – I don’t know if she’s a Skywalker or Solo, a Kenobi or a Palpatine, or someone else all together. I brought up some pretty compelling points in the original piece, but for the time being, this prediction is neither right nor wrong, and I get the feeling we’ll be talking about these points for another 2 years until December of 2019.

The Prediction: Or A Skywalker.

The Verdict: Incomplete.
Notable Points: “To close, the (TV) spot shows the text ‘every generation has a story.’ ”
“TV Spot #1 features Maz Kanata’s voice again, saying ‘I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people.’ “

I could be convinced that Rey is either a Solo or a Skywalker. I admittedly leaned towards Solo pre-TFA, but I am more divided than ever (article forth coming, stay tuned). Rey’s abilities could make her either, but so many of her traits make her feel like a Skywalker. Luke asks in one of the new TLJ TV spots “who are you?,” much like Maz Kanata did in the TFA TV spots (though cut from the final film). How would Luke not know he had a child, you say? Well, his own father didn’t know of Luke’s existence (or Leia’s) until A New Hope, and didn’t confirm his lineage until after that, which is explained in Marvel’s Darth Vader comic series.

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Han or Chewbacca or Both Die.

The Verdict: Correct.
Notable Points: “Wouldn’t it only make sense that Han would die to save his friends or family?”
” I believe he will go down with the famed Millenium Falcon. If not, that goes to Rey…”

Well, unfortunately, I nailed this one. TFA represents some of my favorite Han Solo in Star Wars history. Harrison Ford was born to play an older, grizzled Han Solo. I was 99% sure we would be losing either Han or Chewie in TFA. Since Harrison Ford felt destined to leave after one more romp and Chewbacca could be played by another actor (and was played by Joonas Suotamo in any action scenes in TFA, as opposed to Peter Mayhew), odds were never in the good ol’ smuggler’s favor. And what a way he went out, with major ramifications that are sure to be felt for years, if not decades in the Star Wars universe.

One aspect of my prediction needs correcting, and when I’m wrong, I have to call it. I noted that it was possible that Han would die during the Battle of Jakku, which occurred one year after Return of the Jedi, or 29 years before TFA. I had not read the first novel in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, which would have dispelled that notion immediately.

Kylo Ren is Rey’s twin.

The Verdict: Incorrect.
Notable Points: “So we don’t know that “Kylo” is his name, though we know “Ren” is an add-on. Perhaps it was taken from the “ky” in Skywalker and the “lo” in Solo.”
It is believed that Luke is in hiding and I say it’s from Kylo Ren.”
“Family history would dictate that the Skywalkers are susceptible to the temptation of the Dark Side, right?”
“We know that Kylo wears the Vader-influenced mask but also that he appears not to need it for life support, but rather intimidation and out of reverence for Vader (his grandfather?).”

I’m really upset that this one didn’t come true. From the past Star Wars Legends canon, Han & Leia actually had 3 children: twins Jacen and Jaina, and Anakin. Concepts from the Legends are certainly borrowed and influenced in Disney’s new canon, such as the choice to name their son after a legendary figure (Kylo is really “Ben” after Obi-Wan Kenobi, instead of Anakin, his grandfather). Additionally, this is a potential argument for the “Rey Solo” side of the scale. The story group from Lucasfilm has stated that while Rey is 19 in TFA (the age Luke is in ANH & Anakin is in Attack of the Clones, for what it’s worth), Kylo Ren is 30. While the twins theory is nixed, it doesn’t rule out the siblings possibility, and it certainly doesn’t rule out the cousins option either.

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Darth Vader isn’t dead, or Kylo is trying to “awaken” him.

Verdict: Incomplete.
Notable Points: “Thus, Kylo may not have known that Vader again became Anakin Skywalker before his death.”

I’m absolutely marking this one as “incomplete” versus “incorrect.” I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Vader/Anakin, and though it is rumored that a jagged, haunting version of Vader was cut from Rey’s Force vision on Takodano, rumors continuously swirl that Hayden Christensen is still hanging around the set of Episode VIII. I want one of the three scenarios I listed in my predictions piece to come true. To add a fourth to that list, perhaps Rey encounters Anakin’s ghost in a cave on Ach-To?

Luke Skywalker is on the run from Kylo Ren a la Ben Kenobi style.

Verdict: Correct.
Notable Points: “I would venture to say that we don’t see Luke until the very end of The Force Awakens.”

I’m super proud of this one. Enough said.


In traditional Star Wars style, Finn loses a hand (probably the right).

Verdict: Incorrect.
Notable Points: “It appears that Finn is on the run after either being a Storm Trooper or pretending to be one.”
“How much training in the Force could he possibly have?”

I would have taken this one to the bank. It was silly, but not unfounded. Perhaps this one will get recycled into my TLJ predictions.


Rey finds Anakin/Luke’s blue Lightsaber.

Verdict: Correct.
Notable Points: “I wonder if she is looking for that valuable relic?”

I suppose technically, the Lightsaber found her (have you read my Skycalibur Theory?). Though Rey wasn’t searching for the Lightsaber of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, she stumbled upon it after it called to her in Maz Kanata’s Castle. TFA had originally rumored to start with the Lightsaber flying through space, but in the rewritten script, the production team didn’t want to reveal the Lightsaber until the scene with Rey’s Force vision.

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By that count, I have 3 of 5 correct, with 3 marked as “incomplete.” I’ll take it, but I want to do better for The Last Jedi. What predictions did you have? Did you nail any off-the-wall predictions? Tell me in the comments below.


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