Riggity Riggity Ranked, Son! Ranking Every Episode From Rick and Morty Seasons 1 & 2

In honor of the season 3 finale, we rewatched Rick and Morty and we ranked em, we ranked all of ’em people.  Not not one or two episodes, but but all of ’em.  No no no mememessing around here.  Each and every one, we watched ’em.  No breaks, just just straight watched ’em, watched ’em all.

In all seriousness though (if that’s even possible), we did take the time to watch all of the episodes from Seasons 1 and 2 of Rick and Morty.  It wasn’t easy, but we voted for our favorite episodes based on plot importance and comedic value. So here they are, ranked from worst to best.


Bottom of the charts, people –


S1.E7 – Raising Gazorpazorp

Rick buys Morty a sex robot which ends up conceiving Morty’s half alien son.  While Morty raises his son, Rick and Summer travel to a planet where the male species are nowhere equal to the female species.  Rick is forced to act as Summer’s slave on the female dominated planet.  Morty’s new son Morty Junior grows up at an accelerated rate and acts up due to Morty’s bad parenting.

S1.E1. – Pilot

The first episode of season one perfectly shows what the audience is going to be in for.  Even before the opening credits, the audience sees that Morty is just an average kid, and Rick is a drunken scientist who has a flying car, can make bombs, and is going to bring Morty along on most of his adventures.  As the episode continues, we see Rick pull Morty out of school and take him on a bizarre adventure to find miracle seeds.  We also begin to see exactly the type of relationship and attitude both characters have with each other.  Beth and Jerry make a visit to Morty’s school after learning that he has missed an entire semester of school, and meanwhile Summer morns the death of a friend.

S1.E6 – Rick Potion #9

Morty asks Rick if he can make a love potion so Jessica (Morty’s high school crush) will go to a school dance with him.  Rick’s love potion ends up working a little too well and spreads throughout the town, which causes everyone to fall in love with Morty.

S2.E8 – Interdimensional Cable 2: Temping Fate

Jerry eats a pint of contaminated Cherry Garcia that Rick was using for an experiment.  While Jerry suffers at the hospital, Rick and Morty watch some (almost improvisational) television in the waiting room.  After Jerry’s recovery, he learns that his “private parts” can be used to save a very famous alien’s life.

S2.E5 – Get Schwifty

A giant floating head appears above Earth, threatening to destroy the world unless a catchy new hit song is performed.  Rick and Morty sing a song to appease the giant head.  Pleased with the song, the giant head teleports Earth to be on a game show where each contestant has to perform yet another song, and the losers are destroyed.  Morty uses Rick’s portal gun to leave by himself, but Birdperson convinces him to go back and help Rick try to save the world.  Meanwhile, Ice-T is actually an alien who ends up saving Earth.  Summer, Beth, and Jerry help found a new religious cult based on the floating head’s exclamation of “Show me what you got!”  They disband after realizing they had misinterpreted this demand.

S2.E3 – Auto Erotic Assimilation

Rick, Morty, and Summer end up on a planet controlled by Ricks ex-girlfriend, Unity.  Rick spends time with Unity and takes advantage of their toxic relationship.  Because of this, Unity loses control of the population and race wars ensue.  Summer finds the assimilation of the entire planet unethical until Unity lets loose and Morty and Summer get caught up in the middle of the fighting.  Back on Earth, Jerry and Beth find a monster chained up in Rick’s underground lab that they were previously unaware of.  They fight in front of the monster, causing it to break free and yell at them, saying they are both right (and terrible people).

S2.E9 – Look Who’s Purging Now

Rick and Morty stop for wiper fluid and end up on a planet that purges.  Morty initially doesn’t want to be involved, but ends up forcing Rick to take action in order to save a life.  Jerry and summer explore their father-daughter relationship.

S2.E6 – The Ricks Must Be Crazy

Rick takes Morty and Summer to another reality just to get the best ice cream he’s ever had.  Rick and Morty shrink themselves to go into Rick’s car battery after it stops working, where they encounter the tiny universe Rick created to power his car.  They find that this society had the same idea about where to get their power, with another tiny universe existing inside this tiny universe.  Summer waits in the car, whose directive is to protect Summer.  It uses violence to do so, until Summer tells it not to.  The car then prepares a peace treaty between the giant spiders and humans, the two main species of the planet, causing the ice cream to be filled with flies and not be so great anymore.

S2.E1 – The Wedding Squanchers

Rick and the Smith family are invited to Birdperson’s wedding.  Rick has no intentions of going, but is forced to after Jerry accidentally gets transported to the hosting planet.  Some unlikely wedding crashers ruin the party and the family has to go into hiding.  While in hiding, Rick learns how his family truly feels about him.

S1.E9 – Something Ricked This Way Comes

Summer gets a job at a unique store run by the Devil.  Rick gets bored and decides to ruin the business.  Meanwhile, Jerry helps Morty with his homework and insists Pluto is still a planet, which brings about some extra attention.  The new attention goes to Jerry’s head.

S1.E3 – Anatomy Park

Jerry’s forces his family to have a “human holiday” on Christmas, meaning a day without electronics.  Jerry’s parents visit with an unexpected guest.  Meanwhile, Morty is shrunken down and sent inside the body of a homeless man, to an amusement park created by Rick called Anatomy Park.  Rick guides Morty via radio as they try to save the park with help from some of its employees.

S1.E11 – Ricksy Business

Beth and Jerry head off to a Titanic re-enactment while Rick, Morty, and Summer throw a huge intergalactic house party.  Jerry enjoys his Titanic experience with a maid who works on the Titanic 2, but she turns out to be deranged.  Rick, Morty, and Summer’s party gets out of hand, with Abradolf Lincler making an appearance.

S2.E7 – Big Trouble in Little Sanchez

TINY RICK – Rick turns himself into a kid so he can go to school with Summer and Morty.  Beth and Jerry go to intergalactic couples counseling and find out how they view each other. Will Rick stay a kid forver?!  Will Beth and Jerry save their marriage?! Oooooweeeee!!!!

S2.E1 – A Rickle in Time

In a continuation from the season 1 finale, Rick, Morty, and Summer clean up the house while time is frozen for six months.  Freezing time has consequences, though, and when Rick unfreezes everything, a bout of uncertainty causes a split in the timeline.  Soon they are being apprehended by a monster who wants to arrest them for messing with time, and they purposely show uncertainty to make more splits in the timeline. They eventually get all the timelines back together, with Rick almost sacrificing himself in one timeline in order to save Morty. Meanwhile, Beth and Jerry go for ice cream, hit a deer, and Beth saves its life and frees it with her horse surgeon skills.

S2.E2 – Mortynight Run

Jerry stows away on Rick’s ship, so Rick drops him off at a daycare designed just for Jerry’s of all dimensions. Rick takes Morty to Blips & Chitz, an arcade that features a game in which you live a full human life. Rick sells an antimatter gun to Krombopulous Michael, but Morty is not ok with it and foils his assassination plan. They release the gaseous being referred to as Fart, and are pursued by authorities, who get killed by Fart. After all the trouble of saving him, Morty finds out that Fart plans to kill all carbon based life forms and Morty kills Fart instead.

S1.E10 – Close Encounters of the Rick Kind

Rick is wrongfully accused and framed for the murder of 27 other Ricks.  The Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks condemn him, but he escapes with Morty.  Several Ricks end up at the Smith household trying to track down the original Rick, and Jerry befriends Doofus Rick.  Morty finds out he is used as a shield for Rick because of his lower brain waves.  Morty starts a rebellion of Mortys and they free the original Rick, outing evil Rick, but evil Morty, who was controlling him the whole time, escapes.

S1.E2 – Lawnmower Dog

Due to Beth and Jerry’s concerns with Morty’s grades, Rick decides to do something about it so they can go on more adventures.  Instead of helping Morty study, Rick decides to “incept” Morty’s math teacher’s dreams to convince him to give Morty better grades.  Mr. Goldenfold, Morty’s teacher, turns out to be an “active dreamer” which causes Rick and Morty to incept deeper and deeper within the dream world.  Meanwhile the family dog, Snuffles, receives an intelligence upgrade after Jerry complains about the dog’s lack of training.  This of course escalates into a very bad, take-over-the-world situation for the family.

S1.E5 – Meeseeks and Destroy

Rick provides the family with a solution to their menial problems, Mr. Meeseeks, freeing him up to go on an adventure led by Morty.  Mr. Meeseeks helps people achieve their goal, and then explodes.  When Mr. Meeseeks has trouble helping Jerry take strokes off his golf game, the Meeseeks continue to summon more and more Meeseeks, eventually resulting in them holding Jerry at gunpoint until he can demonstrate improved golf skills.  Meanwhile, Morty’s adventure with Rick takes a turn when the beloved King Jellybean attempts to take advantage of Morty and ends up being killed by Rick.

S1.E8 – Rixty Minutes

Rick hacks the cable box to allow access to TV from multiple dimensions.  The family sees Jerry on an alternate reality’s TV show, causing Jerry and Beth to wonder if they lead successful lives.  Jerry, Beth, and Summer become focused on one of Rick’s other inventions, goggles that allow them to see through the eyes of their duplicates in other dimensions.

S1.E4 – M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

In an attempt by aliens to steal information, they capture Rick, Morty, and Jerry and send them into a virtual reality device.  Rick plans his escape, well aware he is in a virtual world, while Jerry enjoys the best day of his life, completely clueless to the situation.


And finally, top of the charts, people!


S2.E4 – Total Rickall

The entire family is fooled when alien parasites put fake memories in their minds.  Whenever Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth, and Jerry reminisce about the past, the aliens multiply.  Morty figures out that the only way to tell if someone is real is to think of an unpleasant memory of them.  The family takes down the parasites one by one by only remembering happy times with each of them.  Beth can’t think of a bad memory of Mr. Poopybutthole and shoots him, only to find out he was a real family friend the whole time (even though he has never appeared in an episode before now).


What is your favorite episode from seasons 1 and 2? Do you agree with our ranking, or are we wayyy off? How do the first 2 seasons compare to season 3? Leave a comment below!


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