REVIEW: Outlander: Uncharted

This week’s episode of Outlander should be renamed from Uncharted to Foliage. Lots and lots of foliage… but all joking aside this is the Outlander that I remember and love and I’m glad to see that it’s returned to its roots of adventure and intrigue. 

When we last saw Claire, she had jumped overboard to try to warn Jamie of the warrant for his arrest. She spends a large portion of the episode wandering through the jungle of the island she washed up on. Eventually she is saved by a priest and nursed back to health. Of course, she’s only there for a little while until she is reunited with Jamie in the surf of the sea.

The last few episodes of this season have felt a bit off. A lack of story, action, and excitement has left many fans feeling a bit anxious to see what the heck was going to happen (especially with only two episodes remaining this season) but this episode picked the pace right back up and reminded us of why we love this show.

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Despite the fact that the first 15 minutes of the show was literally Claire wandering aimlessly through the jungle–searching for water, running from fire ants, building a fire, and sleeping with snakes–it was still so powerful. There was an intense feeling of desperation as the days slowly and painfully continued to crawl by and Caitriona Balfe’s incredible acting sold that desperation. There was a great need for her to find water, find people, and find a way to warn Jamie and none of that looked like it was happening one days one, two, and three of her hiking through the jungle. After awhile the endless shots of the foliage was almost comedic albeit beautiful. It almost felt as if the producers felt like they had spent all this money bringing the cast and crew to South Africa to film, they were going to film as much of the tropics as possible. But again, Caitriona’s acting was so spot on, I didn’t mind at all.


When she does finally find people on the island, it is–quite possibly–the most ridiculous character we’ve seen in Outlander to date (in a good way!). She stumbles into a small settlement that is home to a British priest. At first he seems fine and trustworthy and then he begins to talk to Coco… his coconut friend. This was the strangest turn Outlander has taken so far and yet it was hilarious. Outlander is a heavy, stressful show to watch sometimes. He wasn’t just a funny, throwaway character. He had a history and a tragic past with the love of his life, making it understandable why he was so willing to help Claire find her way back to her husband. Always high and talking with his coconut, this guy was a bit freaky–we weren’t sure if Claire could trust him–but in the end, it turned out he was harmless and even helpful when it came to getting Fergus and Marsali married. It was unexpected and a bit jarring but this was a comedic break that I didn’t know I needed.

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The iconic moment in this episode was when Claire catches up with Jamie and the crew of the Artemis. They suffered damage to their ship and just happened to choose her island to repair the ship’s mast and sails. Claire reaches the beach just as they’re leaving, seemingly missing them but at the last minute she pulls a mirror from her pocket (can anyone tell me where she got that?). Of course, the reflection from the mirror shines directly into Jamie’s face. It seems like a whole lot of perfect place and perfect timing to me. Of course their ship would stop on the same island that Claire was on. Of course, Claire would be able to run there in an hour despite the fact that it took her three days to walk inland. Of course she had a mirror. Of course the reflection would shine on Jamie. Of course! Of course! But what comes next makes me not care in the least. Jamie and his men, row to shore and–running epically through the surf–Jamie and Claire embrace, finally reunited after a brutal few days.

It seems like all is well in the world now. Jamie and Claire are reunited. They have control of the Artemis. And–oh yeah… where the heck is young Ian? It looks like their paths will finally cross in next week’s episode, The Bakra. Check out the promo below:



This episode was both tense and fun with the ever growing desperate need to have Claire get back to Jamie. The reverend offered a bit of humor after a tense first half of the episode and the dreamy reunion between Jamie and Claire reminded us all why we watch this show. There’s only two episodes left and it looks like things are only going to get more stressful… just the way we like it.

+Caitriona Balfe’s incredible acting in the first half of the episode.

+The comedy of the reverend and Coco.

+Margaret Campbell’s strange prophecy seems to be coming true.

+Watching Jamie run through the surf on the beach to reunite with Claire.

+Jamie giving Fergus his family name.

+Turtle soup.

-The hiking through the jungle was a bit tedious after awhile.

-Where’s Murtagh?

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