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And there was much rejoicing in the world of Outlander fans.

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After a surprise one-week hiatus, the reunion episode that we’ve all been waiting for since the Outlander season two finale is finally here. Painful. Heartfelt. And real. This episode brilliantly showed the passage of 20 years that Claire and Jamie have gone through, alone. It didn’t do much to further the story… but, honestly, who cares?

A. Malcolm picks up basically right where Freedom & Whisky left off, but instead it’s from Jamie’s point of view: from his perfectly normal morning, walking to work at the print shop, oblivious to what the day is going to bring him, to working at the print shop, to fainting when he turns to see Claire standing behind him.

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There isn’t much of a story to this episode. It’s exactly as it was advertised: the reunion episode. There was no political turmoil or sword fighting or bad guys chasing the good guys. It was just Jamie and Claire trying to find a way to A) wrap their minds around what is happening and B) get to know each other after 20 years of being apart. Think about it: they only knew each other for three years (one of those years they weren’t even married yet). They have not been together far longer than they were ever together. And it shows. Painfully so. They’re awkward around each other. Jamie is wondering why she came back: to tell him about Brianna or to be his wife again. Claire comes off a bit desperate at times to the point where the audience gets a bit nervous that maybe–just maybe–Jamie has remarried. But have no fear, fangirls and boys. After a romantic dinner and an uncomfortable conversation about Frank and Jamie’s secret son, Willie, things get passionate and the couple makes up for lost time.

One thing that has annoyed me with this season in regards to the passing of time is the fact that Claire and Jamie have not aged a single day. Sure, Claire has a single streak of gray in her hair (which she dyes before returning to the past which I think is just hilarious) and Jamie needs readers now… but they are both in their 40s (Claire could even be 50 at this point) and yet they still look exactly the same as they did in season one, episode one. However, one way the writers fixed my grievance is Claire’s self consciousness in this episode. As she is intimately with Jamie, she seems a bit uncomfortable, covering herself up. She’s nervous that maybe she’s aged too much to be attractive to Jamie anymore (news flash: not the case). While physically, they may not have aged much, emotionally and mentally, it seems at least Claire has.

Of course, not everything can be all happy go lucky. This is Outlander after all. We meet a few new characters that seem a bit sketchy and guaranteed to make Claire and Jamie’s life less than easy. Mr. Willoughby, a Chinese immigrant, seems to be telling Claire a big fat fib when telling her how he came to Scotland and met Jamie, and Madame Jeanne, the lady that runs a local brothel, seems to know Jamie quite well and seems perturbed when Claire shows up: both seem to know something that is bound to make things… interesting, to say the least.

The episode ends with a stranger in Claire’s bedroom, demanding to know where Jamie’s ledgers are. It seems Jamie’s continued treasonous pamphlets and smuggling is going to get him–and Claire–into a bit of trouble.

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Despite the fact that there wasn’t much of a story to tell, it was still a very entertaining episode and one that we’ve all been waiting impatiently for. The acting by Caitriona Balfe and especially Sam Heughan is the driving force of the entire episode. The awkwardness is so real and the rekindling of their relationship is so heartfelt, you can’t help but squee (yes, SQUEE) the entire time.

+Sam Heughan’s acting in the first scene is some of the best he’s done in the entire series.

+The real world awkwardness of the reunion.

+Claire’s reunion with Fergus.

+Cliffhanger ending.


-Some humor in the beginning felt out of place.

-Where’s Murtagh?

-Lack of an actual story.

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