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As the end of season three of Outlander draws closer and closer, we find that Jamie and Claire have still somehow not managed to find a way to sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after… and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon, either.

When we last saw Jamie and Claire, they were sailing across the Atlantic to Jamaica before a British naval ship brought Claire aboard to treat those infected by typhoid. They ended up taking her hostage, forcing her to help them, agreeing  to return her to Jamie once they arrived in Jamaica.

This episode explored Jamie and Claire’s ways of coping with being separated, their strategies to find their way out of a tight situation, and how they build alliances in times of need. And for the first time in a long while, Claire was the clear headed, calm one and Jamie was the one acting out on raw emotion.

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I definitely enjoyed the sort of reversal on their usual personalities. Ever since we first met Claire, she was a firecracker–speaking her mind, cussing, and having no trouble speaking up for herself and fighting for  others… even if her rash behavior would get herself and others into trouble sometimes. And Jamie was always the exact opposite. He would always try to find a way to talk his way out of a situation instead of drawing his sword. He was always calm, cool, and collected and was the only one that could ever reel Claire back for her own safety. In this episode, we found that Claire not only accepted her current predicament but she also made the most of it. She continued to help the men on the British ship, befriending the young sailor, Elias, and even managing to negotiate her way out of–not one–but two tight spots. Jamie, on the other hand, lost his cool the moment he realized the ship that Claire was on had set sail. He began shouting orders and pulled his sword out on the captain. He was rash and as a result, was locked away in the brig. Instead of keeping calm, he found himself locked away once more, having to manipulate Fergus and bribe him in order to help him. The sort of role reversal made this episode (which was a bit slow) that much more interesting.

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One aspect of this episode that I greatly enjoyed was the goat lady, Annika. She barely spoke any English and half the time Claire (and the viewers) had no idea what she was trying to say. However, in the few days that Claire was on board, the two ladies managed to create such a genuine and tight bond that Annika was willing to help Claire escape back to Jamie again–not once–but twice. After learning that the British naval captain was planning on turning Jamie into the authorities upon arriving in Jamaica, Claire was desperate to get back to her husband and warn him. While landing on Grand Turk, Annika used her goats and their need to eat as a way to get Claire on land to help her escape. When Claire failed to get away, Annika then built Claire a raft and convinced Claire to jump overboard. I’m not exactly sure why Annika was so willing to help Claire, a woman that she barely knew, and yet, I completely bought the chemistry between the two of them and their short lived friendship. It could have simply been out of necessity or it could be a larger plot point to come into play in the future. Either way, Annika was an unexpected treat in this episode.

With Claire jumping into the ocean in the middle of the night, it doesn’t come as a surprise that as she washes ashore, she still has a long way to go to get to Jamaica and warn Jamie… let’s just hope it happens before the season finale in a few weeks. Check out the promo to next week’s episode, Uncharted, below:



Aside of the unexpected friendship with the naval sailor, Elias, and Annika, this episode was once again on the slower side. Compared to episodes in the first season, these once just seem to be lacking both a strong story and action; and with Jamie and Claire separated, it just feels like a filler episode until we can get them back together once again. With Claire jumping overboard and the very rugged and rough look at next week’s episode, it looks like things might be picking up… just in time for them to end in a few weeks.

+The character of Annika, the goat lady.

+Claire’s friendships with Elias and Annika.

+The role reversals of Claire and Jamie.

-The “villain” of the episode seems a bit too much like a character.

-Lack of any story or action.

-Jamie and Claire being separated once again.

-Marsali is still around.

-Where’s Murtagh?

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