REVIEW: Outlander: Doldrums

When we last saw our beloved Highlander and Sassenach, things were… tense… to say the least. It was revealed that Jamie had married literally the worst person in the show, Laoghaire (which is saying a whole lot since Black Jack Randall was a first class sadistic bastard) and Claire began to question whether or not she and Jamie belonged together anymore. All of that, of course, was wiped away when young Ian was captured and brought onto a ship headed for Jamaica.

While many of the episodes this season felt a bit slow and lacked any sense of action and adventure that was so prevalent in the first season, The Doldrums seemed to bring it back to the fact that, yes, Outlander is a love story, but it’s also an exciting adventure.

We watched the few weeks of Jamie and Claire’s journey to Jamaica aboard the Artemis. We get a look at sailor superstitions as well as the panic when ships lose the wind and water goes bad. Of course, Jamie and Claire can’t just have a peaceful and uneventful three month journey to the Caribbean. After boarding another British naval ship and helping to rid the ship of typhoid, Claire is seemingly kidnapped as the ship sails away, leaving her and Jamie separated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


This episode, while focused a heck of a lot of on nautical superstitions, it returned to the wild feeling of adventure which Outlander has been greatly missing since the season one finale. Throughout season one, you never felt safe–anyone could be kidnapped or arrested or even killed. It was an epic adventure and a quest of survival for Claire. Season two lost that sense of adventure while Jamie and Claire were in Paris. Everything was so polished and pristine and it never felt like there was danger at every turn. We are entering completely uncharted territory in this new adventure. Sailing across the ocean to the New World (we’re still pre-Revolutionary War) and surviving in the Caribbean is something that neither Jamie nor Claire have ever done and it’s going to add a whole new sense of survival and adventure and bring it to a level that we haven’t seen yet.

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While I’m excited to see where the story line takes us (literally), I’m a bit surprised with how the conflict between Claire and Jamie was resolved somewhere off camera. Last we saw, Claire was questioning not only if she should have come back but whether or not they are “meant to be together.” She was distant and hurt and understandably so. However, it would seem that her doubts have vanished because she and Jamie are definitely enjoying themselves on this cruise across the ocean. I don’t know… I was traumatized after finding out that Jamie had married Laoghaire… I guess I expected Claire to struggle with this new truth just a wee bit longer.

It looks like this is just the start of their troubles as they journey across the ocean. Jamie will fight to get Claire back and Claire has to put up with what looks like the rudest chef in the history of plague infested chefs in next week’s episode, Heaven and Earth. Check out the preview below:



This episode seemed to return to the roots of Outlander, making it more of an adventure story than just a romance. The less than desirable presence of Laoghaire’s daughter, Marsali, on the ship and Yi Tien Cho’s (aka: Mr. Willoughby) bizarre speech on board pulled the episode down a bit. However, the cliffhanger ending and the exciting rush of journeying across the Atlantic to the New World holds so much potential for the rest of the season.

+ The renewed sense of adventure that has been greatly lacking since season one.

+ The use of sailor superstition to further the plot.

+ Fun, exciting cliffhanger ending.

+ Jamie having acupuncture needles in his face.

-Marsali and Fergus’s random elopement.

-Just Marsali.

-Claire’s quick recovery of the traumatic event that is Laoghaire.

-Yi Tien Cho’s random speech.

-Where’s Murtagh?

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