REVIEW: Outlander: A Merciful Heart – Season 3, Episode 4

Time has slowly ticked by in the 18th and 20th centuries for Jamie and Claire. We find Claire elbow deep in jail records in 1968, and Jamie is comfortably situated at Helwater estate in 1756. Time passes (painfully slowly) and it looks like we’re closing in on that fateful reunion episode. 

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We didn’t see much of Claire in this episode. and, quite frankly, I’m okay with that at the moment. Ever since she’s returned through the stones, she’s been cold and aloof driving her husband and daughter away as well as viewers.

She continues to work with Brianna and Roger, searching for any sign of Jamie after the Battle of Culloden. There comes a moment where Claire decides to no longer spend her life chasing ghosts and she returns to America with Brianna. Of course, we all know that this little change in plans won’t last too long so I’m not that mad at her about this.

Jamie’s story was so much more sweeping and action packed that I found myself checking my watch at one point, wondering how on earth this episode would wrap up (in a good way!).

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One surprise I found in this episode was my lack of hatred for Geneva Dunsany. The young lady of Helwater, she comes off as cold, proud, and rude to the grooms working for her father until Jamie stands up to her. What results is a night of passion between Geneva and Jamie. And while I felt strangely uncomfortable watching it play out (she’s not Claire after all), I found that I could understand where both Jamie and Geneva were coming from and I couldn’t hate either of them for it.

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Geneva, about to be married off to a man at least twice her age, does not want to “lose” her virginity to him. She wants to feel love and wants to know what it’s like to be with a man like Jamie. Jamie initially agrees to come to her room because Geneva threatens his family so, being the honorable gentleman that he is, he agrees to her every whim. Afterwards, he explains to her that this is not love. She can have moments like this with anyone without feeling love. Is it ideal? No. Possible? Yes. This is something powerful that Jamie needed to learn, himself, so for him to share this painful knowledge with others is yet another step in healing… just in time to reunite with Claire.

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The side characters of this episode really helped to move the plot forward. Of course, Geneva was the focus of it all, along with her baby, William. But there are others who help Jamie on his journey, such as Geneva’s sister Isobel as well as Lady Dunsany. Both know the truth about Jamie–that he is a Jacobite as well as William’s father–and yet they see Jamie for the good man he is, offering his freedom to him as well as friendship. And, as always, Lord John Grey is still there, offering a friendly ear and a helpful hand time and time again. It’s Jamie’s ability to connect with people that has brought him this far, back to freedom, and hopefully home to Scotland. Now if only Claire could learn to do that…

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Speaking of! It looks like we might be getting that much awaited reunion episode a bit earlier than I anticipated. Here’s a look at next week’s episode, Freedom and Whiskey:



It looks like we’ve left the brooding and wallowing behind for at least one episode. Claire is focused on finding Jamie and Jamie is just trying to find a way to live life again. It’s nice to see Jamie begin to heal while also bonding with Willie and Geneva’s family. This episode was packed with drama and action. Jamie continued to build allies. And, despite the fact that she’s headed back to Boston, Claire is getting closer and closer to returning to the 18th Century.

+Lots of drama.

+New characters introduced that we will hopefully see more of.


+Jamie’s bromance with John Grey.

-Brianna’s terrible acting.

-Jamie and Claire are still not together.

What’d you think of the episode? Leave a comment below.

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