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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means?  A redo of the article that people hated on the MOST in 2017!

But really guys, I wrote a piece last year about the top superhero couples.  Mind you, I chose ONLY relationships where both sides of it were super-powered, which was a decision that was universally hated, but then I finished the article, and that was universally hated as well.  I won’t lie, it wasn’t my best work.  Clearly, the Geekiverse felt that way too, as the list “accidentally” got lost in the shuffle from our old website to our new one.  I’m not even mad.  But it does give me the opportunity to right a wrong, with one significant change: the list is made up of comic book couples.  Do both sides have to be super-powered? Nope.  Are some of them? Yep.  Is anyone actually reading this piece?  I mean, the silence is the only answer I need.

Top 10 Comic Book Couples

10. Snake Eyes & Scarlett

Image by Comicvine.com

I’m not entirely sure this couple makes it on most lists, but it makes it on mine because GI Joe was one of my favorite things to ever exist in the world when I was 7 years old.  I think Snake Eyes and Scarlett were the first characters on anything I watched up to that point that I realized were a couple.  Unless you count Bert and Ernie, and I suppose I do.  So the second characters.  A mute ninja operative covered from head to toe and a kick ass, fiery counter intelligence agent, fighting for all that is good and right in the…United States.  Truth be told, I always thought it was sweet how Scarlett was really the only one to understand Snake Eyes…aside from Storm Shadow.  Now if only I still had all of my old figures…and it were socially acceptable for a grown man to play with GI Joe’s.

9. Barbara Gordon & Dick Grayson (Batgirl & Nightwing)

Image by DC database

With so much focus on the love life of the Caped Crusader, not as much interest is shown in the romances of the other members of the Bat Family.  But, 2 of the Bat Siblings have one of the best relationships in the Dark Knight’s mythos.  I suppose this is Bat Incest, but with no one ACTUALLY related in this dysfunctional family dynamic, we’re in the clear.  Throughout the history of these 2 fan-favorite characters, they’ve gone back and forth with each other, even as Barbara was seriously injured by the Joker, transitioning her from Batgirl to Oracle, but it has always been clear their affection lies with one another.

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8. Apollo & Midnighter

Image by Inside Pulse

Imagine a world where Batman & Superman are not only your most important, popular, successful heroes, but they’re also madly in love with one another.  Well, it exists…sort of.  On one of the Earth’s in DC’s vast multiverse, the equivalent to Batman and Superman ARE the world’s finest, and are a power couple in the most literal sense of the phrase. One a beacon of hope, the other a vigilante with a penchant for killing his enemies, totally committed to each other. The return of their own series with the launch of DC’s Rebirth initiative, Midnighter and Apollo, in 2016 was a pleasant surprise for readers, and became one of the most well received series’ of the reboot.

7. Dinah Lance & Oliver Queen (Black Canary & Green Arrow)

Image by DC Database

The CW’s Arrow has thrown a wrench into many things that were widely accepted within the Green Arrow comic book canon, but nothing more drastic than what was (is) Oliver Queen’s love life.  The show has forsaken his true love, instead opting for Olicity, the relationship equivalent of a dog having wings and 8 feet.  Right, it just doesn’t make any sense.  In the long history of Oliver Queen, no single person means more to him than one Dinah Laurel Lance, with a love story that spans decades.  While the current Rebirth storyline has Dinah Drake as the Black Canary, she is essentially a combination of the original Canary and Dinah Laurel Lance, the longest running Black Canary vigilante.  There are many Olicity shippers out there, but I wouldn’t mind that “ship” going down like the Titanic.  Laurel might be DOA on Arrow (aside from the doppelganger…but that’s another article entirely), but if you want to see what the Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship is SUPPOSED to look like, why don’t you go grab a copy of Green Arrow and Black Canary, launched for a 3 year run in 2007.

6. Barry Allen (The Flash) & Iris West

Image by Inverse.com

Aside from an iconic couple we will talk about further down the list, there is no greater showcase of “true love” or “soulmates” within the DC Multiverse than Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and his muse (and eventual wife) Iris West.  When introduced way back in 1956, at the outset of what would be referred to as the Silver Age of Comics, Barry and Iris are already engaged.  In the 60 years plus since their inception, they’ve been married, had twins, both been killed a few times, dated other people (time travel/alternate timelines, etc. etc. etc.), and found their way back to each other over and over.  It doesn’t matter in what time period you pick up a Flash comic (based on Barry Allen, that is), Iris West is a part of his life in some way, shape or form.  Whether married (Arrowverse) or not (currently in the Rebirth arc), these 2 always have each other’s backs, and will find their way back to each other sooner or later.

5. Hulkling & Wiccan

Image by Comicsalliance.com

Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman have one of the most endearing comic book romances in recent memory, and broke down walls for the representation of LGBTQ relationships shown within the pages of a comic.  Teddy, the son of Scarlet Witch (it’s insane, just, go read it.) and Teddy, the alien love child of the original Captain Marvel & a Kree princess, built up their relationship for years before opening up to the world while both were members of a new crew of Avengers.  Their first (shown) kiss takes place in the pages of Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, letting readers witness the love they have for each other.  Despite being extremely powerful heroes who are constantly in harms way, glimpses into the future have shown the 2 stay together, have a family…and Wiccan becomes a Sorcerer Supreme.  So it seems the future looks REAL good for all involved.

4. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) & Mary Jane Watson

Image by mccomicsshop.com

While my affinity tends to side with the web-slinger’s relationship with his first love, Gwen Stacy, it would be completely asinine to suggest that anything other than his partnership with Mary Jane Watson is Parker’s definition of true love.  Despite a bats— crazy story arc that existed during the 90’s run entitled The Clone Saga (which I “highlighted” here in a past Ranked! based around Spider-Man storylines that were, essentially, crazy as f—), Parker & MJ have shared a historically long running relationshipfull of death, clones, and combined universes.  Some have an issue with the (possible) change to their love story taking place in the current MCU, but as long as it shares the heart of their comic book counterparts, I’m on board for whatever Holland & Zendaya have in store for us.

3. T’Challa & Ororo Munroe (Black Panther & Storm)

Image by Sparknotes.com

Had this union between the King of Wakanda and his mutant, weather controlling Queen lasted longer, it would’ve been a sure shot contender for number one on my list.  Unfortunately, the marriage between the Black Panther and Storm last just over 6 years (in real time.  That very well could be 9 days in comic book world time.)  The two fell in love as teenagers, but did not reconnect & marry until 2006, during the events of Civil War.  Their marriage was full of turmoil, not necessarily coming from one another, but from the continued stressful, world altering events they were being placed in.  The two eventually called it quits during the Avengers Vs. X-Men event with the couple choosing opposing sides in the battle, but for a brief time, what a royal family the Marvel Universe had.

2. Lois Lane & Clark Kent (Superman)

Image by DC Comics

Last time around, I left Lois and Clark off of my list.  Mainly because I hate them, but also because I could rationalize it by saying Ms. Lane wasn’t super-powered, therefore justifying my exclusion.  But, mostly because I hate them.  Problem is, they’re one of the most loved, iconic, memorable duos in all of comic book history, soooo, yeah, here they are.  You cannot deny the impact reverberated throughout the DC landscape when these two are at the center of a Crisis event, and you cannot argue the fact that despite alien invasions, evil billionaires, and conquering death, these two have rarely left each other’s sides (aside from the NEW 52 experiment known as SuperWonder).  Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of either (I say as I throw a superman action figure out a window), but the significance of this couple is can never be overstated……………and on Smallville, Clark and Lois were WAY better than Clark and Lana.  Don’t @ me.  I’m right.

1. Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

Image by tumblr

Battle through adversity? Yep.  Battle through super-powered bad dudes? Yep.  Continuously be one of the shiniest examples of what a real life couple goes through and how it succeeds best when the 2 in the relationship have each other’s backs?  Absolutely.  One of the best things about the Cage/Jones pairing is that each one individually had their issues and their demons, and they relied on each other when things were hard.  They’re stronger as a couple, and as I stated already, seem like an actual, real couple within the confines of a comic book.  #relationshipgoalsAF, ya know?  These two might not get the fanfare as some earlier on the list get, but they react to each other with love, and interact with compromise and compassion.  In a world like the ones built within the pages of a comic or graphic novel, rationality tends to go out the window more often than not, yet Jessica and Luke always seem to react rationally when it comes to one another.  Oh! And they have a daughter that becomes a future version of Captain America.  S—, was that a spoiler?  Ugh, yeah, that’s my fault.  But old news, you should be up to date by now.  Anyways, Luke & Jessica forever.


There you have it.  Hopefully my “mulligan” article was up to par.  If it wasn’t, comment below or contact the Geekiverse.  They hired me………………….F—! I forgot Gambit and Rogue!  Ugh, welp, we’ve come to far to turn back now… I’ll put them in my redo of THIS redo next year.

Lou Mattiuzzo is a full time teacher, full time husband, full time father and full time superhero enthusiast.  His mind is on Black Panther, and needs the 15th to come as soon as humanly possible.  So, ya know, in real time, because that’s how it works in the real world.

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