Netflix’s White Gold Review

A random click on Netflix took this geek on a journey through hilarious, Rated-R comedic gold about window salesmen in Essex.


So, I literally was just looking to kill some time and this was among the featured shows on Netflix. I decided “why not go with a new series that was completely out of left field?” That’s exactly what White Gold is – insanity at every corner in what is a typically mundane business: selling windows.

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Set in Essex, England in 1983, a very loose-cannon of a man tries to bring his sales team to the top of the window selling business. The producers did a fantastic job of creating the vibe throughout the show with the soundtrack selection. I had to look when Steppin Out by Joe Jackson was released and sure enough, it was 1982. Such a solid way to bring the audience into the 80’s scene. Between that and I Ran (So Far Away) by Flock of Seagulls, even a millennial punk like myself understands the vibe. 80’s baby yea!

The main group, Vincent, Fitzpatrick, and Lavender, all slime their way into making deals throughout the area. The crew thrives by measuring against one another in the most asinine ways, but it’s completely hilarious hijinks through and through. Vincent is the protagonist, and I can’t help but feel torn for the dude. You can tell he just wants success like any other person does. However, he also commits some morally flawed acts that make it tough to sympathize with him. And then you get Fitzpatrick, who is simply a loser. He’s just overtly average, which is a problem in this world of salesmanship. You’ve got to be top dog, otherwise you’re just a pup looking for kibble – behind that and a rough home life with the wife, woof. And then Lavender is the simple scapegoat. He took the job because he had no other option. Lost out on fame early on, Lavender is continuously searching for any morsel of pride. Don’t sleep on him though. Lavender shocked me midway through with his ability to step up to the plate and express some true bravado.

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Frankly, I can’t say much more about this show without giving away spoilers, because it’s only 6 episodes. That, to me, would be the biggest downfall for this series. 6 episodes is hardly enough to develop true storylines, however there’s a lot to grow from with what’s available. To me, this is like Entourage meets Mad Men in England. Talk about entertainment!

Courtesy: IMDB


A British comedy making it’s way to America. Who has ever heard of that? White Gold is a solid foundation that should have fans excited about another season of over-the-top insanity with gross, humorous, vulgar and degenerate comedy.

+ Insanely hilarious. Laugh out loud funny throughout the series

+ Characters are relatable, yet incredibly over the top at the same time

+ Somehow created emotional ties that angered me at points

– Only 6 episodes. Give me more!

– Accents can be hard to understand at times (definitely use closed captioning)

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