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The week of October 9th brings the CW’s ever expanding “Arrowverse” back into our living rooms…and back into our hearts.  With 12 collective seasons behind it, and with no signs of slowing down, expectations have grown, as have the demands of fans.  Now, I’m well aware that Christmas is still almost 3 months away, but what if Santa, or baby Jesus, or Tim Allen or whatever, was able to bring you gifts in the form of your favorite DC superheroes making semi-rational comic book choices, or giving you the greatest team-ups ever seen on network television, not seen in a Superman prequel?  Yes, I’m writing an article on this.  No, you are not required to read it.  Yes, you should.

Below is my wishlist for the forthcoming seasons of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.  Mind you, I did my very best to stay somewhat rational in my expectations, but hey, if you can’t dream big, what is the point of dreaming at all.  I think Gandhi said that, or Michael Scott, or someone.  But anyway, here are my heart’s desires…for the future of the “Arrowverse.”  HA!  Could you imagine if these were my hearts desires for, like, the world?  I mean, I love Stephen Amell as much as the next guy, but jeez.  Anyway, here goes…

Deathstroke Lives

Image: Villains wiki

In Arrow’s season finale, fan favorite, bad ass assassin Slade Wilson made his return, keeping the eye patch and whisper talk, but losing the cray-cray juice he was on.  Sneak peeks for season 6 have already confirmed that a 2-parter focusing on Deathstroke is being hand delivered, so it seems relatively clear that he makes it off the 9th Circle of Hell known as Lian Yu, but my wish deals with the character beyond what we’re already expecting. It’s well known that the big boys over at Warner Bros and DC Comics films have plans for the mercenary, with Joe Mangianello expected to portray Wilson in the future Batman solo flick and beyond, so at the moment, it’s anyone’s guess what is to come of the CW version.  My wish is for Deathstroke to stick around in the “AV” as the character he was always meant to be: Leader of the Suicide Squad, deadly assassin, and constant thorn in Oliver Queen’s side.  Friend or foe?  One would never know, but keeping him around only improves a Universe in which the villains are often one dimensional and easy to forget, regardless of how awesome their comic book counterpart may be.

“Olicity” Dies…for Good

Anyone who has ever read one of my Arrow-based articles (to the 4 of you, thank you – I’m JK-ing) knows just how I feel about TV’s relationship version of a biblical plague the most dysfunctional television relationship since Ross and Rachel (don’t even @ me about this.  I love FRIENDSbut after 8 seasons of “We were on a break!,” maybe, JUST maybe they weren’t meant to be together).  The Lifetime movie, only LESS rational, known as “Olicity” had it’s day in the sun (it was a long, painful day, that resulted in a terrible sunburn and awful tan lines), but it should never be spoken of again…. but thhhheeeeennnnnn we’re treated with the news that this season’s epic crossover event would be based around Oliver Queen and his “true love.”  For the love of all things holy, Greg Berlanti, that better not be a reintroduction to the one thing that sounds worse to me than nuclear war, chlamydia and listening to Dave Matthew’s Band’s greatest hits.  I’m warning you, Greg.  I’m warning you.

Superman Meets the WHOLE Gang

Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has met most of Kara’s crew, but how nerd-tastic would it be to see a battle that includes Supes, the Flash,

Image: Arrowverse wiki

the Green Arrow, the Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Supergirl, Firestorm, and you’re picturing it now, aren’t you?  And it looks epic in its awesomeness, does it not?  So please, if we’re crossing over, let’s really crossover on Earth X, and include all of the fan favorites that exist in this Universe.  Martian Manhunter, too.  That dude needs a bigger role in…well…every episode.

And speaking of fan favorites…

Give Us Bruce Wayne, Dammit!


Okay, that was a bit forceful. My apologies. But we’ve seen references to Wayne Tech and heard asides about Gotham and the “vigilante with tons of gadgets, lots of demons” that Kara’s cousin has a past with,  The Dark Knight exists in this world, and until we see him, in all his “desperately in need of therapy” glory, this Universe will always feel as if it’s missing something.  I’ll even take a shadowy figure lurking in the back of ONE scene!  You see, I’m easy to please!

Oh, and give us Diana Prince and a Lantern, as well.  Cool, thanks.

The End of Kar-El

Image: DC wiki

Take “Olicity” as a cautionary tale: forcing a romantic angle (sometimes, one the fans actually want) does nothing positive for a show. You’d think the writers over at Supergirl would know this already, as they smartly side stepped away from an often cringe-worthy angle with Kara and Jimmy Olsen in the inaugural season.  Mind you, I like Mon-El, and it worked…better?…than the Olsen story line, but it still seemed very much forced.  Kara is coming into her own, finally figuring out who she is as a sister, a reporter, a friend, a superhero, and as a woman.  Let the romances come later, Supergirl being confident in herself is more important.

Rogues Gallery

Image: DC wiki

The Flash has arguably the greatest collection of foes, outside of those belonging to the Caped Crusader, that DC has ever created.  We’ve seen one off episodes for some, a couple of them become Legends as part of Rip Hunter’s crew, and one fan favorite die as a hero…only to be “resurrected” in his more villainous form.  But what The Flash needs is less evil speedsters, more classic Rogues.  My wish is for an entire season where the Rogues (Captain Cold, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, the Top and Mirror Master) are the combined “big bad.”  The Flash has never been more fun than its first season, and a reintroduction to Barry Allen’s “Rogues Gallery” could be just what the show needs.

Definitive Canary

Now, I have been very vocal in expressing my complete and utter outrage at the death of Laurel Lance near the end of Season 4.  The first couple of seasons of Arrow lead Katie Cassidy on a bizarre character

Image: Entertainment Weekly

trajectory for Ms. Lance. Instead of becoming Oliver’s rock, despite his many horrible indiscretions, she was portrayed as a jaded and nagging ex, something very far from what most fans wanted to see out of the character.  I believe that the show started to redeem her through seasons 3 and 4, and at the time of death at the hands of Damien Darhk, I found the Black Canary (and Laurel Lance, for that matter) to be one of the most rational, level headed and necessary characters on the show.  Following Death’s visit, we’ve seen the Earth 2 version of Laurel become a Season 6 regular (which I have enough negative thoughts about to fill another article in the future), and the addition of Ms. Dinah Drake, the original (and…uhhh…current…?…) Canary in the comics.  We’ve gone from the Sara Lance Canary, to Laurel’s Black Canary, to the E2 Black Siren, to the DD version we now have, and the buck must stop there.  The show will never fully make up for killing off Laurel Lance, but having Juliana Harkavy’s Black Canary as the BC for the duration of this beautiful and frustrating show is not just a wish or a request, it’s a necessity.  The Canary character has become somewhat of a joke on Arrow, so let Dinah Drake become the definitive version of the vigilante.  The Black Canary mantle deserves it.


Alright, I am painfully aware that most of these things may never happen, but these were the issues that hung in my “Arrowverse” loving heart, so alas, I needed to hope, wish, and commiserate with all of you.  My wish list might grow longer each and every season, but that doesn’t stifle my excitement for the new seasons of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.  If you could make anything happen in this heroic Universe, what would your “wishes” be?  Comment below with your thoughts!


Lou Mattiuzzo is a full time teacher, full time husband, full time father and full time superhero enthusiast.  If there’s a crap ton of grammatical errors in this piece, it’s because he was watching Beauty and the Beast with his niece…and kept having to skip over the scary parts.

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