Murder on the Orient Express Review – An Intriguing Murder Mystery

Twelve suspects, one very observant detective. An intriguing plot for a story that has a crazy twist ending. Does it live up to the expectations?


Murder on the Orient Express is a nicely rendered movie adaptation of the classic novel by Agatha Christie. It centers on famous detective Hercule Poirot, whose obsessive compulsive tendencies help him solve murders by making him hypersensitive to detail.

While it’s true that this is an older novel which has already had a movie adaptation, I believe people should give this one a chance, even if they already know the ending. With stunning scenery and a well chosen cast of actors, this ends up being an awesome updated version of the classic tale.


This is a fine adaptation of a story first published in 1934. It begins with a little bit of a comical situation in that Detective Poirot is attempting to take a vacation, only to find more work on the train he ends up riding. The poor guy can’t catch a break. A passenger is murdered, and Poirot then begins a full investigation in which everyone is a suspect. With every new piece of information that is revealed, we are thrown for another loop, never sure of who might be guilty of something treacherous.

The story is well played out, if a bit slow at times. There are moments when Poirot puts two and two together, but some of the information seems to come out of thin air, so it is a little bit tough to follow how he comes up with some of his pieces of evidence. For the most part, though, this movie has a lot of intrigue and mystery to it that keeps the audience guessing.


With a star-studded cast, this movie hits it out of the park with a lineup including Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Willem Dafoe, and several other renowned actors. Kenneth Branaugh plays a marvelous Poirot, portraying him as very intelligent and observant, but also eccentric and compulsive. There are some comedic moments brought on by Poirot’s quirks to lighten the mood, which were perfectly executed, as this movie has a very grave plot.

The actors did an incredible job of making you just the slightest bit suspicious of their characters at any given moment. After the murder is committed, everyone is a suspect, and that means every actor had a pretty important role to play. I didn’t know what to believe half the time, and that’s exactly how a murder mystery should be. If they don’t keep you guessing, then where’s the fun?

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Inevitably, with any Agatha Christie work, you will find a plot twist that most people wouldn’t have imagined. If you have not read the book, then you go into the movie knowing that anything can happen, and this is an exciting feeling. Much like the surprise ending of Christie’s novel, And Then There Were None, this movie throws a wrench in the idea of a typical murder mystery. I was unsure of what to expect with this plot, as it takes place in the confines of a train, but I wasn’t disappointed. There are a few outcomes I probably would have preferred, but what actually occurred took me by surprise, and that is most important to me with a mystery.



Overall, the movie was well made and riddled with intrigue, and it held my interest for its entirety. With only a few downsides, I would say that this film holds up well and is definitely worth watching.

+ All star cast who each give you just the right amount of suspicion for their characters

+ Unpredictable plot twist that lives up to expectations

+ Perfectly timed bits of humor, but still serious enough for the overall tone of the movie

– Slow moving at times with moments where it is tough to follow

– Ending seemed un-guessable, and some people prefer to be able to figure out the answer before the detective cracks the case

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