LISTEN: Memory Machine #8.5: What Did You Discover in 2017?

The holidays prevented me from getting a decent full length episode out for the first couple weeks of January, but that’s a-ok, cause it gave me an idea: what if we talked about YOUR experiences? I want to know: what cool, old stuff did you discover for yourself in 2017? It can be anything old: video games, music, movies, books, comics, collectibles, anything at all! Even if you simply rediscovered something for yourself; if you have a new take on it or you found something new in it, I want to hear about it! I set up an email, Of course, you can also post under this article, or any other way you like to communicate with Geekiverse folks. Deadline is midnight January 10th. I’m excited to hear from you!

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I like old stuff. Old movies, old music, old video games, old everything. Appropriately enough, my main contribution to the GKV is a podcast about old stuff called the Memory Machine.

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