LISTEN: The Memory Machine #6: Cartoon Cereal Mascots

Nate, Drew and Trey take a freewheelin’ dive into the world of commercial cereal mascots, from early days in the 60’s to the hip-hoppin’ 90’s! Many feelings of nostalgia are shared, as are appreciations of good animation and jokes about that guy who was paranoid that the Noid from Domino’s was all about him. Grab a bowl of Sugar Smacks and join us, won’t you?

Special shoutout to Dutch chiptune composer RoccoW, who graciously allowed me to use his track “FamiFunk Over Breakfast” as the theme for this episode. Check him out on Spotify– Soundcloud – Youtube – Facebook – Twitter .

You can follow Trey on Twitter with @TreyWydysh, Nate with @Nate_Lockhart, and Drew can’t be found anywhere, unless you come to practice with the Lock City Glee Club, Mondays at Christ Episcopal Church in Lockport, NY.

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I like old stuff. Old movies, old music, old video games, old everything. Appropriately enough, my main contribution to the GKV is a podcast about old stuff called the Memory Machine.

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