“No body, no crime. No body, no crime.” Said by Ed Nygma, but thought by all the characters in Gotham.



The title of this episode is especially appropriate for this second to last installment of season one of Gotham. There were many different anvil and hammer scenarios – Barbara and the Ogre, Officer Dougherty and Ed Nygma, and Maroni and Penguin just to name a few.

This episode of Gotham concludes the longest villain storyline in the entire series with a three-episode plotline, as Barbara tries to escape the Ogre’s apartment.

“The night we met I was going to kill you…but then I saw the real you…you are the woman that I’ve been searching for.”

Real suave, Ogre. Glad you’re straightforward, at least.

Just like he does for his previous victims, Ogre puts a bag on Barbara’s head and is oddly honest with her as he discusses his previous murders and victims. However, surprisingly he willingly lets Barbara go and cuts her out of her shackles. At any slight mention of Jim Gordon, though, she earns herself a slap, especially since she exclaims that Gordon will find her. Ogre retorts and says her fate will be sealed with being hung from the ceiling and gutted if she tries to leave. Ogre gives Barbara an unidentified clear liquid to drink, seemingly making her faint, and allowing the next strange string of events to occur.

Ogre, the selfless and sacrificial man that he is, offers to kill someone else for Barbara, in order to keep her alive. As Barbara whispers her answer into Ogre’s ear, we are all desperately hoping that she doesn’t decide Gordon should be her substitute.

We finally have some more action from the GCPD, as Harvey Bullock brings a newly introduced character, Jake, off the street who claims he knows the Ogre. Jake used to work at a brothel, The Foxglove, where Ogre was a regular.


Because, why wouldn’t someone nicknamed Ogre spend his nights at a brothel, with people walking around in costumes and pig noises coming from the stage where “the action” happens.

Sally, a worker at the Foxglove, shares details with Bullock that the Ogre pulled a hood over her head too, but decided to let her go, nine years prior. She helps give Bullock an important clue as to where Ogre lives though, and tells him an elevator from his home opened right into the apartment and she could see the letters “OYAL” from it: the Gotham City Royal Hotel.


Jim and Bullock are at the royal and the place is empty, and of course, Ogre calls Jim immediately. We learn that Barbara asks Ogre to kill her parents, as Gordon and Bullock see them huddled together as bloody corpses, dead and in love. We see Barbara’s cold and brazen relationship with her parents in a previous episode, so that could have been foreshadowing for what was to come of them. The drink Ogre gives Barbara must have had some mystical powers, as she doesn’t seem the least bit phased that he brutally murders her parents, and is just in a whimsical gaze the entire time that Ogre pushes Bullock down the stairs, and when Bullock shoots Ogre, all the while Ogre’s knife slips out of his hand and into Barbara’s neck.


And there we have, the most anticlimactic ending to the Ogre plot that we could have had. He dies. We knew that part was going to happen. But, all that comes of it is Jim gets a mild applause from the rest of the GCPD, and then we’re done with the storyline. There was some hope of more back story and more plot points to end the saga. But, at least Ogre cannot continue his murders anymore.

Is it possible that Gordon and Barbara will get back together since he saves her life, even though he professes his love for Dr. Thompkins?

We have our second anvil and hammer relationship of the episode – with Nygma and Officer Dougherty, Ms. Kringle’s deceased boyfriend.

As smart as Nygma seems to be, bringing Officer Dougherty’s chopped up body to the GCPD was not one of his best decisions. Nygma did not seem to think that anyone could just walk right in to the room where he was trying to dispose of Dougherty’s body, including Ms. Kringle. Nygma seems to be completely desensitized to the entire scenario and even leaves a letter for Ms. Kringle pretending it’s from her boyfriend. He even lies to Ms. Kringle walking in while Nygma is disposing her boyfriend’s body. He even smashes the skull to pieces so that his teeth records are untraceable. It is strange that an officer from the GCPD has gone missing and no one seems to notice or care. But, that’s just the daily at the GCPD seemingly.


We have the third set of anvil and hammer – Maroni and Penguin.

Penguin meets up with the hitman he hires to discuss the plan to kill Maroni, but Maroni’s friend Tommy ends up killing the hitman. We learn that Penguin, of course, gives the hitman blank guns.

Penguin is trying to start a war between Falcone and Maroni, and the attention would be diverted away from Penguin. When the hitman is dying, he doesn’t mention Penguin’s name at all so no one suspects him. Penguin wants the two mob crews to kill each other off.

As Falcone receives a box with the hitman’s head in it, and as Maroni’s men are shooting up Falcone’s businesses, the chief of the GCPD announces a shooting war between Maroni and Falcone that Penguin starts. Penguin has been the smartest character on this show. No one has ever been able to outsmart Penguin. Even though there are a few close calls, including when Maroni is trying to crush Penguin in a car, Penguin has always come out on top. This pattern doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon either.


This is the perfect spot to end the episode on, and the perfect spot to begin the finale with. The entire season centers around the mob violence, and the GCPD is never able to stop the violence going on between them. It will be interesting to see how the finale plays upon the mobsters and what will be their final judgment.

It might have been too long to wait for this until the second to last episode, but we finally see some ingenuity in young Bruce Wayne. Bruce goes to Wayne Enterprises and pulls the fire alarm in order to break into Sid Bunderslaw’s office. Even though Bunderslaw, the Director of Physical Operations at Wayne Enterprises, finds Bruce, he is polite to Bruce. (Take the cookie already, Bruce!)

We meet Lucius, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, who reveals Tom Wayne’s character – he says that Bruce’s father kept his best self hidden and was stoic in the public eye – enlightening Bruce to the business side of his posthumous father. Will we finally see a strong side to Bruce? Will he be an important character?




The season finale is coming soon, and the past eight months of Gotham adventures will be put to a close for a few months. Hopefully the finale will do the previous 21 episodes justice, and we will have a great ending with a great beginning to season two.


-There’s only one episode left 🙁

+Nygma is going crazy and it’s perfectly amazing

-Ogre went down too easy

Contributor: Cailyn McLennan

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