Gotham: The Demon’s Head Review

This week, we pick up with Bruce and Alfred searching for answers regarding the knife that Bruce bought at the black market auction, a knife they believe belongs to R’as Al Ghul. Very quickly, they realize that there are people willing to kill for this knife, making them even more desperate to find answers.

Meanwhile, Nygma is struggling to regain his brain functions (particularly his ability to come up with and solve ridiculous riddles) after being frozen. Since being awoken, he is performing at half capacity.

Sofia Falcone, Falcone’s daughter, has returned to Gotham to try and reconnect with some of her father’s old allies in an attempt to take Gotham back from Penguin. Penguin, though suspicious of her intentions, allows her to stay. The tension between the two of them is palpable.

All this takes place along the backdrop of a deadly cat and mouse game between Bruce/Jim and Ra’s al Ghul over the knife, ending in a way no one could see coming.

This episode was not extremely fast paced. We are entering a new era in the city of Gotham, which could explain this sense of unrest and uncertainty that seems to be permeating the early episodes of this season. Bruce and Alfred’s relationship is still continuing to develop, which is fun to see, and the potential for Jim to have a new love interest is bound to be polarizing among fans. Also polarizing will be Nygma’s place in all this. His turn as The Riddler earlier on definitely was not long enough for my taste, so I’m hoping he gets back to that point this season.

One thing that definitely bothered me this episode was that several main characters were missing with little to no discernible reason. One could argue was that it was to shift focus on Bruce and Alfred’s task, which seems to be the main plot of this season but I personally like knowing what all the characters are doing at all times, as it adds context.



+ Having Nygma back is always going to be exciting to me, he is one of my favorite characters

+ Sofia Falcone is extremely interesting.  Its hard to figure out exactly what her motivations are, but I think she is supposed to be an enigma (pun intended)

-There were a few main characters missing from this episode with little to no explanation and it was kind of distracting

-Plot line was a little convoluted and not extremely easy to follow


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