Guide: Gotham Character Crash Course

This was needed. Lets be real, Gotham is a cornucopia of confusion when it comes to character arcs and relationships.  So we here at The Geekiverse thought it would be helpful to our readers (and us too, quite frankly) if we provided some reference to go along with our reviews and podcasts.

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Below is just a handful of the names and faces we will be dealing with this season, minus people who are dead but may come back later because this is Gotham.  Check back regularly for updates as they come in!

“Good” Guys

Jim Gordon

Ah, our angsty knight in shining armor.  A detective in the Gotham Police Department and friend of Bruce ever since the death of Bruce’s parents, Jim is the heartbeat of the show.  His own desire to always do good is frequently at odds with the duties of the job.

Harvey Bullock

Once a detective like Jim and now the captain of the GCPD, Harvey is characterized as a grumpy, frequently drunk, grizzled cop that has seen too much.  Now that he is captain, he is being pulled in many different directions.  He has a responsibility to do his job by the books, now more than ever.  However, he still finds himself going along with Jim’s crazy plans to do whats right, even if it’s not what’s legal.

Bruce Wayne

The future Batman, the current pre-pubescent teen.  We are watching a young hero grow up and navigate both normal challenges of growing up, like romance and *~*feelingzzz*~*, as well as abnormal Gotham exclusive challenges like psycho penguin people and toxins that make you go completely bat-sh*t crazy (pun absolutely intended).

Selina Kyle (Cat)

She is the main reason I put “Good” Guys in quotations.  She is the future Cat Woman, but right now she is a street kid who us trying to find out who she is.  She is the occasional romantic interest of Bruce and the consistent pain in the a** of Jim.  She is constantly in conflict over whether to better herself at any cost or to put others first and involve herself in the war for Gotham.

Alfred Pennyworth

EVERY VARIATION OF ALFRED THROUGHOUT FILM AND TV HISTORY IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD. Seriously though, there would be no Batman without Alfred.  Technically, Alfred is Bruce’s manservant now that his parents are gone, but in reality, Alfred is Bruce’s closest friend, mentor, and ally.


Season 3 ended with Lee leaving Gotham behind, but we can safely assume she will return.  She is the on again/off again lover and enemy of Jim.  She served as the medical examiner for the GCPD.  She was the mother of Jim’s child before she miscarried while he was in Arkham, was married (for a day) to the virus-infested son of a mobster before Jim killed him, and was briefly infected with the virus herself (causing her to dress and wear her eyeliner like in the picture, above).  Needless to say, she deserves a vacation from Gotham.



Tabitha Galavan

Tabitha is a bit of an enigma.  She first emerged as the sister and side kick of Theo Galavan, former mayor of Gotham, and then as the side kick of Barbara Keane.  Now, she and Selina have teamed up on their own to move up in the underworld.  She is also the occasional beau of Butch.

Oswold Cobblepot (Penguin)

Penguin has had an extremely interesting character arc.  He started out at Fish Mooney’s umbrella boy, became nothing, then became the king of the underworld, then the mayor, back to king of underworld. Now he is in agreement with the mayor of Gotham to subsidize crime.

Edward Nygma (The Riddler)

Nygma once worked in the GCPD, but due to some underlying psychological issues and constantly being put down, he slowly became an extremely dangerous villain.  He and Penguin were allies for some time, but that all came to a head, resulting in Nygma now being a frozen–yet still alive–ice sculpture on the table at Penguin’s club.

Butch (Solomon Grundy??)

Another former lackey of Fish Mooney’s, Butch really came into his own over the last season.  He frequently changes loyalties, and is now currently in a coma after being shot by Barbara. He also harbors a soft spot for Tabitha, and probably is going to be revealed to be the zombie villain Solomon Grundy later this season.

Jonathan Crane (The Scarecrow)

Jonathan Crane hasn’t been seen since Season One.  He was the son of a deranged man who created a formula to help face fear after the death of his wife.  Jonathan overdosed on the formula and is now in Arkham, a prisoner of his own fear that manifests as a terrifying scarecrow.  Now he has been taken by a group of criminals who are forcing him to recreate the formula, but Jonathan has finally overcome his fears and is now becoming the Scarecrow we all know and love.

Victor Zsasz

Victor is now the hit man and muscle of Penguin, after Falcone (former mob boss) retires. He’s creepy and sarcastic, and roams the city enforcing Penguin’s licensing laws for crime.  You can always count on him to be working for whoever had the most power in Gotham at the time.

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Stay tuned as we continue to edit and update this reference guide.  Gotham is not getting uncomplicated any time soon!

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