Geeks Assemble: Our Fall TV Preview

There’s a lot going on this fall on the small screen. We asked the staff at the Geekiverse which returning shows they thought would be the best this season, and which of the new offerings they were most excited about. Here’s what they came up with.

Vilona Trachtenberg:
Most Anticipated Returning Show:
Gotham (9/21 – FOX) – After the action-packed, suspenseful finale that Gotham provided last May, the countdown is on to see the continuation of the saga that is Gotham. The finale ended in a perfect spot to question the future of the characters and the development that they will provide. After the crushing of the mob bureaucracy and the anarchical mob uprising (more than usual, at least), it will be difficult to wait until September 21st to get back into the adventure.

Most Anticipated New Shows:
Grandfathered (9/29 – FOX) – John Stamos, Josh Peck, AND Christina Milian? Premiering on September 29th, this is a ‘90s resurgence dream come true. It will be interesting to see what kind of antics Jimmy Martino (John Stamos) gets into once he realizes he’s not only a dad, but he surpassed that role and is also a grandfather. His days on Full House prepared him for this role, and it will be exciting to see the character interactions and how he adjusts to his new life.

GRANDFATHERED: Pictured: John Stamos as Jimmy. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Jennifer Clasen/FOX
GRANDFATHERED: Pictured: John Stamos as Jimmy. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Supergirl (10/26 – CBS) – Saving the world, one 24-year-old girl at a time. Through the latest trend of superhero shows, we haven’t seen too much of an established heroine character, so it will be interesting to see Supergirl as the main character and anti-villain. Supergirl is back to save the world, leading in her uncle’s footsteps. However, I’m not sure whether this show will succeed. I’m rooting for this show, because the preview looks like it has potential, but I’m not sure how far this potential will go.
Chris Austin:
Most Anticipated Returning Show:
The Blacklist (9/24 – NBC) – My returning show that I am most excited for is The Blacklist, which is set to premier on October 4. I am hoping that season 2 hits Netflix soon as I missed the last part of the season. James Spader is arguably my favorite TV actors and his character Raymond “Red” Reddington is one of his best.
Most Anticipated New Show:
Minority Report (9/21- FOX) – My most anticipated new series has to be the Minority Report spin off; I think has the potential to be a hit. The plot is that the show takes place after the Pre-Crime division of the Washington, D.C police department was dismantled. The show follows one of the precogs, Dash (played by Stark Sands), as he joins up with a detective on the force to prevent crimes. However he cannot reveal his abilities, as there are people hunting to find the trio of precogs. One interesting person to watch is Wilmer Valderrama, better known as Fez from That 70’s Show. He plays another detective on the force, it will be interesting to see if he assumes the Colin Farrell role from the movie.

minority report
Nicholas Ramirez:
Most Anticipated Returning Show:
Hoping that Arrow (10/7 – CW) can get back on track after the disappointing third season, but I am not betting on it unfortunately.
Most Anticipated New Shows:
One of the shows I’m most excited for this fall is Jessica Jones (11/20 – Netflix) on Netflix.  The original run of Alias was an excellent story dealing with the idea of PTSD for a superhero, and this looks to be along those same lines.

Also really looking forward to Legends of Tomorrow (TBD 2016 – CW) as the cast is made up of some very colorful characters and sounds like a total silver age throwback.

I definitely want to check out the new Heroes Reborn (9/24 – NBC) series, but I don’t have high hopes.  Even though the original series started strong, it went down hill very quickly, so it’s a gamble whether or not they can recapture the magic of the first season.

heroes reborn
Louis Mattiuzzo:
Most Anticipated Returning Shows:
Arrow (10/7 – CW) is poised for a comeback season. Season 3 was a bit of a letdown when compared to the high octane drive of Seasons 1 & 2, but with new “big bads” in Damien Darhk & H.I.V.E., the hilarious Echo Kellum joining the ranks as Mr. Terrific, and the first official adventures of the GREEN Arrow, this show is ready to prove once again why it’s the prototype for superhero shows on TV.

Both critics and fans agree, The Flash (10/6 – CW) was a breakout success in Season 1. After a mad dash (no pun intended) to the finale in its inaugural season, Season 2 is set to start off right where Season 1 ended (a spinning vortex above Central City? No problem). Most excitingly, we’re going to see speedsters from across time and universes joining Barry Allen this season, including both Jay Garrick and Wally West. It’ll be hard to do, but season 2 has the promise to grow The Flash into an even better show than it already is.

The Flash

Most Anticipated New Show:
Legends of Tomorrow (TBD 2016 – CW) takes some of our favorite heroes (the ATOM, FIRESTORM, etc.), villains (Captain Cold & Heatwave), and characters back from the dead (Sara Lance, anyone?) and puts them on a quest against a new sinister threat (Vandal Savage) that includes time travel and pop-ups from our favorite DCTVU stars in the Arrow and Flash. Set to make its debut at the half way point of both series, it should give us Superhero obsessed fans something else worthwhile to tune into every week
Josiah LeRoy:
Most Anticipated Returning Shows:
Star Wars: Rebels (10/14 – Disney XD) – Set 14 years after Revenge of the Sith, the ultra popular Star Wars: Rebels returns for season 2. I am most looking forward to the continued character arcs, most notably and hopefully screen time for Darth Vader. It’s a tough act to follow, but I believe Rebels will be more successful than The Clone Wars series.
Most Anticipated New Shows:

Guardians of the Galaxy (9/5 – Disney XD) – Another Disney animated property, Guardians of the Galaxy has rocketed (pun intended) up my list of favorite properties, second behind only Star Wars (and that’s saying A LOT). Taking place right after the 2014 film, the Guardians will continue their fight against Thanos and serve as a spiritual successor to the movie. On top of that, Will Friedle (Boy Meets World) will voice Star-Lord and James Arnold Taylor (The Clone Wars) will voice Yondu.

Quantico (9/27- ABC) – ABC’s new show follows a group of FBI agent-hopefuls making their way through training in Quantico, Virginia. The catch: there are flashbacks and flash-forwards. This sounds an awful lot like Remedy’s upcoming thriller Quantum Break, doesn’t it? Color me intrigued. I am skeptical, but willing to give this a shot.

Pete Herr:
Most Anticipated Returning Shows:

The Flash (10/6 – CW) finished a great freshman season with a strong ending. There were only a few episodes that didn’t do it for me, and I am dying to see actor Tom Cavanaugh’s versatility as he returns to play a completely different person, hopefully the real Harrison Wells. From what I’ve read we’ll be witnessing an introspective Barry Allen as he faces the realities of being a super hero. I, of course, am hoping that the show doesn’t get too deep. I think last season of Arrow suffered from an overdose of serious. There are lots of new baddies lined up, and a few new heroes, including some other speedsters. As long as The Flash resists the temptation of going too dark, we’ll be off and running.

Also hoping for a solid season of Gotham. It’s such a good idea. I’d give it an A for concept and a C+ for execution so far. In addition to some poor creative decisions, I am having real trouble with the really bad police commissioner being played by Peter Scolari. Seriously? The dude played Henry in Bosom Buddies. Look it up, youngsters.

Most Anticipated New Shows:

Supergirl (9/26 – CBS) – This show looks like unadulterated fun. If the trailers are any indication, the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has a pretty strong cast. I thought Mehcad Brooks, who plays a modern version of Jimmy (now James) Olsen did great work as TK on the USA original series Necessary Roughness and Calista Flockhart looks great in the promos. Melissa Benoist is the right mix of super hero and adorable, which I think is a nice departure from the terminally bad ass characters we traditionally see.

“The Expanse” (12/14 – SYFY) – The Expanse is the Show We’ve Been Wanting Since Battlestar Galactica.  It was the headline of the article on io9 that brought this show to my attention. It takes place 200 years in the future when we’ve colonized the solar system, and Earth and the Mars colony are pissed at each other. If the trailer is any indication, which is not always a given, I’ll admit, it looks good. High budget, great special effects kinda good.

The Expanse

Show That’s Not Going to Make it:
Blind Spot (9/21 – NBC) – So, let me get this straight, a naked Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif in the Thor movies and Agents of SHIELD) has total amnesia, is completely covered in brand new tattoos (each a clue to a crime that hasn’t happened yet), and has an FBI agent’s name tattooed in the middle of her back. Oh, and, of course, she is a former Navy Seal. NBC did pretty well with The Blacklist so they put their best brains on coming up with another weird way to solve crimes story. Doesn’t sound like a sustainable thing to me. I’m thinking it might not make it a full season. Plus, it is on a very crowded Monday night, up against some well-established favorites in Castle, NCIS:LA and Monday Night Football.
So, what do you think? What new and returning shows are you most looking forward to? What show don’t you think will make it? Leave us your comments below. 
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