Geekly Humpday: Our Favorite Sci-fi Tv Shows

In celebration of May the 4th I decided for us to write about our favorite Sci-fi Tv shows,  Sci-fi is one of my favorite genres and it was hard to narrow down our lists. If you need a new show to watch, go no further! Now, our fearless leader Josiah is out on vacation… that bum, so filling in for him is the Polish Pierogi himself: Jeff Pawlak.


Rick and Morty

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I mean really are you surprised? I friggin love this show.. it’s surprisingly deep when it wants to be and has a ton of fun with itself. I’m impatiently waiting for season 3.



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The jokes in this show are top notch and I feel like it doesn’t get enough love, granted the show ended a while ago. I’ve probably watched through this entire series at least three times.

Stranger Things

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This is a show I couldn’t stop watching… I finished it in about a day. It was that amazing and terrifying at the same time and their story telling was fantastic as well as explaining what parallel universes. I can’t get enough but I will sadly have to wait until October until season 2 begins.


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My friend got me entranced in Firefly over the summer six or seven years ago and I was hooked after two episodes and after finishing the tenth I needed more. My friend had to gently tell me that it was cancelled and they weren’t going to make anymore but there was a movie Serenity, I was heart-broken and angry. I loved everything about Firefly and I’m still nursing the wound that Fox has given me.

Dr. Who

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Okay so i’m still a newborn babe when it comes to this series. It was regarded highly by most of my friends so I decided to start it. I’m in the middle of the tenth doctor and I know I still have a ways to go but dear god is it good.



Outlaw Star

Sometimes referred to as the inspiration behind another show mentioned in this Geekly Humpday, Firefly, Outlaw Star is a fun, hilarious, and wild ride with one of the most definitive motley crews ever. The way the show blended sci-fi and fantasy elements gave the cosmos a unique charm, with mystery and intrigue always pervading no matter how far Gene Starwind and co. got in their quest to find the Galactic Leyline. This actually might be my favorite anime of all time.


The Twilight Zone

This may be cheating, seeing as how the original run of The Twilight Zone also dove into the realms of horror, supernatural, and thriller genres, but this remains one of the most iconic episodic works of all time. Such episodes like Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, To Serve Man, The Invaders, Eye of the Beholder, and the Monsters Are Due on Maple Street are psychological masterpieces that will forever own some of the greatest twist endings in television history.


Voltron: Legendary Defender

DreamWorks and Netflix have done a wonderful job of rebooting this 1980’s, Saturday-morning classic, giving reasons for longtime fans–and brand new ones–to become engrossed in the Paladins of Voltron’s conflict with the tyrannical Galra Empire. What I’ve loved the most is how clean the show is with its content, while still managing to portray the grim themes of war. This show has both entertained the 10 year old in me, and moved the 26 year old in me.


Stranger Things

You gotta love a good ol’ fashioned throwback to the genre films of the late 1970s and the 1980s. Stranger Things captures all of the same magic that many of those Spielberg productions did, while succeeding in doing so across far more than just two hours. For me, the best part of the show is its subject matter. When you really dive into the supernatural elements, it’s some seriously grim and creepy stuff, and yet it’s absolutely fascinating. Bring on Season 2!



It’s amazing just how long this show ran for, and also, how the vast majority of its gags were relatively clean over the years. Sure, Futurama was rarely reverent, but it never crossed the line, either. The grounded humor proved to be universal, giving us some of the quirkiest and most memorable characters of any animated comedy. It also lays claim to a host of the most recognizable memes we know today. “Shut up and take my money”, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!”, “Not sure if…”, and “Your […] is bad and you should feel bad!” all continue to make us laugh because of Futurama. Remember– Bender lives large and kicks butt!


What’s your favorite Sc-fi tv show? Drop us a line, until next time geeks, Cheers!


Sammy Bud is one of our veteran writers at the Geekiverse and needs more Sci-fi shows to watch.

Jeff Pawlak is also a veteran writer for the Geekiverse, specializing in Nintendo video games, the giant monster genre, anime, and all animation


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