Ewan McGregor Spotted Looking Like Obi-Wan Kenobi

A recent image on the internet of Ewan McGregor has gone viral. Why you ask? Well, show it to any Star Wars fan and just watch their hearts beat faster as they clap their hands and jump up and down in an excited panic. McGregor is looking an awful lot like everyone’s favorite Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Last year, we reported that a Kenobi film was confirmed and that Stephen Daldry was in talks with Disney and Lucasfilm to direct. Daldry has directed some hits in the past including Billy ElliotThe HoursThe Reader, and more recently Netflix’s The Crown. 

The Kenobi film is just one on a long list of potential anthology films we can expect to see in the Star Wars Universe. There have been talks of films focusing on Yoda and Boba Fett and even Darth Maul. With the popularity of Rogue One and the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, it doesn’t look like Lucasfilm/ Disney will be slowing down with the Star Wars films any time soon.

Check out the photo of McGregor below and let us know what you think! Is he training for the Kenobi film? Or maybe he’ll be making an appearance as a Force ghost Kenobi in Episode 9? Or maybe he’s just sporting a beard because he can… Which would be super lame.


Amanda Woomer-Limpert is one of the Geekiverse’s newest writers, a Star Wars freak, and a former Disney Cast Member. She refuses to see this Obi-Wan film unless Ewan McGregor is in it with all his sassy glory (and that fabulous hair).

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