Dragon’s Hoard Review: One Sheep, Two Sheep, Red Sheep, Blue Sheep

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The game of Dragon’s Hoard is a card game where each player controls a dragon whose goal is to collect the most valuable treasure by collecting colorful sheep. Two to four players can play against each other to see who can earn the most Victory Points and have the richest treasure hoard. The game requires a little bit of patience, some strategy, and of course a lot of luck. Players will also use action cards to slow down their opponents by skipping their turns, discarding their cards, and even stealing their sheep! In our review, we’ll also seek to establish as much of a “how to” as we can in teaching the reader the basics of the game.


Renegade Game Studios


Dragon’s Hoard

Game by: Nathanael Mortensen

Illustrator: Jonas Akerlund

Renegade Game Studios

Ages: 9+

Players: 2 -4 Players

Play Time: 45 Minutes




Objective: Have more victory points then your opponent by playing treasure cards.

      Renegade Game Studios

Field of Sheep:

Gather colorful sheep from the Main Deck or from your individual Field of Sheep in order to pay for your Treasure Cards.

Blue Sheep, Gold Sheep, Orange Sheep, Purple Sheep, Red Sheep

      Renegade Game Studios


Play Treasure Cards by discarding the corresponding color sheep as payment.  The more the treasure is worth, the more sheep you will need to discard.



Play Lair Cards to add increase your victory points. Playing treasures that match the lair’s color will give the player up to ten bonus points at the end of the game. One treasure is one extra bonus point, four treasures grants ten extra bonus points!

Action Cards:

Play one Action Card per turn to make the game a little more competitive.

      Renegade Game Studios

Angry Mob: All opponents discard half of their cards.

Dragon: Stop a negative action card played against you.

Knight: Skip a player of your choice for one round.

Shepherd: Draw two additional cards from the Main Deck.

Thief: Steal two cards from a player of your choice.

Wizard: Play with another Action Card to become unstoppable.

Unicorn: Protects player for one round from all Action Cards.

Wild Sheep: Can be played as any color of sheep



Final Score


This game is easy to learn, fun to play, and challenging enough for players to not get bored with. Games like this offer an opportunity for friends to get together, and play a social and casual card game without wanting to kill each other, even if only for an hour or so.

+ Art Work absolutely stunning

+ Duel sided cards adds a fresh new feature unlike most card games

+ A good starter game for players looking to get more involved the gaming community

– Game can “drag on” (ha) with two players (might be better to play to five treasures instead of ten, then play a best of three)

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