Dragon Ball Super Episodes 85-89 Review Round Up

The main storyline of Dragonball Super has taken a bit of a backseat as of late–but that’s not a bad thing! We’re left with Goku assembling his team, and it’s almost like an episode being dedicated to each one of these characters. Before the epic battle royal begins, the writers have given us time to have fun with some incredible fan service, some world building and epic character development. Lets talk about it!

* Spoilers below *

Slim-Majin-BuuEpisode 85

An episode of Dragonball usually clocks in around the 22 minutes. This is a very short amount of time. This episode covered an impressive amount of content in this brief period. For starters, Goku goes off and trains with Majin buu. It was such a pleasant surprise to see Buu take fighting seriously and to see how he lost all of his weight in a few short hours. The episode then shifts over to the Supreme Kais having a meeting about what they can do to stop Zeno from erasing their universes. Its very interesting to see the Kais coming together to express their fear of a higher God. The fear of Zeno has even led the Gods of destruction to also have a meeting and its all about what they are gonna do to stop Goku–still the villain in their eyes. The inclusion of Vados sticking up for Goku was a nice touch seeing as she knows that Goku is a hero. All of this content would have made for a good episode, but they went the extra mile to include something really special by switching the prospective to Universe 11. The focus is now on Toppo who hasn’t stopped thinking about Goku since they fought earlier in this arc. Toppo is called upon by his pride troopers to stop a monster. It was such a fresh take on Dragonball fighting to see a Power Rangers-like city battle with completely new characters. This would make for an awesome spinoff. After they save the day, Toppo informs his team about the Tournament, and they hint once again at Jiren, who will most likely be Goku’s biggest threat in this tournament.

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Dragon-Ball-Super-Episode-85-0246872017-04-09-12-16-28Final score: 9/10

+ Buu’s redesign

+ The meeting of Gods and Kais that expanded the lore

+Seriously, where’s my Universe 11 spinoff?

+ This was all one episode?

Dragon-Ball-Super-Episode-86-21Episode 86

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It is an almost universally-recognized truth that Dragonball GT was an all-around awful show. One of the GT story arcs focused on the return of Android 17. Many fans have the misconception that he died along with Cell, but he was revived by the Dragonballs and even makes a cameo in the Majin Buu saga. I had my worries about seeing 17 return when the promos were released, but I’m so happy to say that its good to see him back. At the beginning of this episode, Goku visits Dende and Mr. Popo in order to search for 17. It was nice seeing these characters return, but what really made this scene special was Dende referencing Uub and that Goku should train him in the future. This was awesome because its finally teasing that there will be a time skip and that Super will finally go past the ending of Dragonball Z. It was also interesting to see Goku and 17 meet for the first time. Its crazy to me that after almost 20 years these two finally meet. The two then fight, and, to Goku’s surprise, 17 actually held up pretty well against him! To me this is annoying because it just seemed convenient to the plot for 17 to be way stronger than he was before. After their fight, the two talk over a campfire and we get a recap of what the Android has been up to. It’s nice seeing how 17 was able to live a normal life, start a family and follow his passion of being a park ranger. 17 denies Goku’s offer to enter the tournament even after he explained the consequence of being erased. This was annoying because at this point 17 was being stubborn and you can tell they wanted drag it into the next episode, which felt absolutely unnecessary, but well talk about that next.

a6729e8c65e532eb9b48874196ec039fFinal score: 7/10

+ Uub being teased once again

+ The return of Android 17

+ The campfire scene

– 17’s stubbornness

-17’s God like power

Dragon-Ball-Super-Episode-87-image47Episode 87

This episode was like the equivalent to adding water to the small amount of shampoo left in the bottle: Yeah there is still something there, but you should really move on to something new.  We pick up from Epidose 86 to find that 17’s legendary Pokemon thing has been kidnapped by Aliens, so Goku and 17 chase them down to show off some sub-par action along the way. The Alien blows up his space ship and Goku uses instant transmission to travel to King Kai’s planet, which was the highlight of this episode. It was cool to see someone on the planet besides Goku, and there was some fun banter due to a flashback of Cell exploding on the planet. Overall this episode was boring filler. After Goku helps save the creature, 17 joins the team and request that Goten and Trunks watch over his island. Man super loves sidelining theses kids.

Dragon-Ball-Super-Episode-87-image41Final score: 5/10

+ King Kai

– Nothing important happens

– Takes away from Goku and 17’s first meeting

– Looks like Goten and Trunks will be sidelined

Dragon-Ball-Super-Episode-88-images-31Episode 88

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This is it! This is finally it! The moment we have all been waiting for! Gohan fans rejoice, because the hero has finally gotten serious and continues his training with his original master, Piccolo. Throughout the episode, Piccolo and Gohan train and continue their beautiful “father and son” relationship. What I loved about this was Piccolo pushing Gohan to his limits and teaching him from the beginning about what it means to be a warrior and to take the emotions out of fighting. Piccolo describes how he needs to stop acting like a foolish fighter like Goku and to be smarter then he is. Their fight ends with an epic conclusion with Gohan tapping into his lost power and unleashes his “mystic form” that he received from the Elder Kai. Chills rushed throughout my body. Between their fight, we get a side story with Cabba of universe 6 recruiting members for the tournament. He seeks out a powerful Saiyan woman, Caulifla, who will be the first female Super Saiyan of the franchise which is going to be very interesting to see. She unfortunately isn’t interested in joining, but we all know that is going to change. Cabba’s journey was interesting and makes me wish that there were more episodes centered around him. This was such an epic episode that gets me so excited to see whats coming next. After all this epicness we get a little bit at the end with Yamcha waiting around, full of excitement, for Goku to show up and recruit him. Absolutely hilarious!gohan-piccolo-dragon-ball-991965-1280x0.png

Final score: 9.5/10

+ Gohan’s finally back

+ Piccolo’s amazing relationship with Gohan

+ Cabba’s Journey to find  CauliflaDBS89GroupShot

Episode 89

While Piccolo and Gohan had an extremely epic training session, Goku was off to recruit the final two warriors for his team, Tien and Master Roshi. The two are at Tien’s new training dojo. Seeing Tien spread his passion of fighting to new warriors was an awesome inclusion. Goku arrives to have his reunion with Tien put to the side as a young woman fighter seeks out Tien’s training. He declines her offer due to her focus on her beauty, and when beauty arrives, you already know Roshi is on the prowl to steal the womans heart (or maybe undergarments?). I usually love the pervy Master Roshi humor, but this time it made me feel uncomfortable. Roshi was being extremely creepy. Can they just get this old man a nice woman? Tien’s character is so passionate about fighting, and its super cool to see him in the master role for once. The woman attacks the village the dojo is in to get Tien’s attention. She has a personal problem with Tien because they both attended the crane school together way back in the O.G. Dragonball days. It was an interesting concept that just wasn’t developed enough. She uses her witchcraft to take over master Roshi and Goku takes him down. It was disappointing to see Goku take over the fight. Tien hasn’t fought since the Resurrection F arc. I would have loved to see him take Roshi down (especially after Tien brought back his four arm technique). The episode ends with the day being saved and Tien agreeing to join up with Goku because his fighting spark is back, and he also needs the zeni to fix his destroyed village. The episode also featured another small story with Cabba meeting Caulifla and showing her the super saiyan from. Caulifla becomes interested in joining Cabba’s team in order to reach a power beyond that form. This was a brief scene, but it was a great tease for what’s to come in the tournament.

2017-05-07Final score: 7/10

+ Tien and his dojo

+ Tien being a humble warrior

+ Cabba showing Caulifla the Super Saiyan form

– Creepy Master Roshi

– Underdeveloped drama with Tien


The tournament of power is only a couple episodes away! Everything seems to be going great for Goku! He has his team assembled, and they are all powered up to fight for their universe. What could possibly go wrong? Uh oh… Frieza’s returning… again!!! Stay tuned!


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