Gotham: A Dark Knight Review – Stop Hitting Yourself

In the last episode of Gotham, Ed Nygma and Solomon Grundy continue their undefeated streak in The Narrow’s fighting ring, but how many hits to the head can Grundy take before someone knocks a screw (or a memory) loose?

*Mostly Spoiler Free*

Jim Gordon is given a job opportunity he can’t refuse, but he is resistant to taking the job right away.  The problem with the offer is that Penguin may be behind it, worse then that it will hurt someone closest to him.

Meanwhile; after settling a debate between the unofficial Gotham City Sirens (Barbara, Tabitha, and Selena) and another criminal, Penguin then sends the girls on a repayment mission to abduct Ed, since word has gotten out that he has been insulting the Penguin during his intro-skit before The Narrow fights.  To ensure the job is done properly, Firefly is sent as backup.  Once the girls arrive in The Narrows they realize that Butch is still alive and see that Lee Tompkins is working there.

Bullock and Gordon discuss “The Bullet Ceremony” that they are supposed to attend later that night.  The ceremony is a tradition of the G.C.P.D. where the Captain has to present bullets to its wounded officers.  The previous episode showed multiple officers being wounded by a trap set by “The Pyg”, these officers are receiving the bullets pulled from their wounds.

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After witnessing a boy being bullied at the orphanage, Penguin decides to take him under his wing (see what I did there).  Penguin then teaches the boy how to get back at his enemies without getting caught.  The boy doesn’t talk in the episode but he does communicate by drawing on a notepad which he carries around his neck.

Back in The Narrows, Tabitha talks to Grundy, Barbara talks to Lee, and Selena knocks Ed out cold and eventually brings him to Barbara.  Seeing that Ed is in trouble Grundy gets angry but before he can start a killing spree Lee Tompkins intervenes.  Selena pretty much yells Parley! in Pirates of the Caribbean except it’s called “The Code of the Narrows.”  It is decided that one of the girls has to fight Grundy in the fighter’s ring, winner takes Ed.

At The Bullet Ceremony Jim Gordon realizes that he is going to have to take the job he was offered.  If he doesn’t take it then someone else will, and the job position needs to be filled if Gotham is to see the proper changes made.   This scene is definitely one of the more emotional scenes from Gotham but it is done very well and shows how much being an officer means to Jim.  Shortly after Bullock reminds Jim that “nothing in Gotham is free”, so he better “be able to pay the bill” when the time comes.  Solid advice Bullock, thank you.

Tabitha and Grundy battle it out while Tabitha tries to make him remember that they used to be lovers.  Firefly shows up due to the girl’s tardiness on delivering Ed to Penguin.  Thankfully, Lee is apparently a bad-ass now and she saves the day, in turn she becomes the fearless leader to the sheep of The Narrows.



+ Penguin spreading his evil ways to a child

+ Tabitha and Grundy

– Firefly got beat by Lee (girl’s got a flamethrower, come on)

– Ed Nygma is still pathetic (I miss The Riddler)

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