Civilization VI is Currently Available for an Unbelievable Price

Ludicrous deal alert! Humble Monthly is currently offering Sid Meier’s Civilization VI for the ridiculously low price of… $12. You heard right, only $12 for one of the best strategy games around, plus two DLC packs. To put this in perspective, the game alone is going for $59.99 on the Steam Store.

If you’ve ever played any Civilization games before, you’re probably aware of how great this deal is. In fact, you’re probably not even reading this anymore. You’ve probably already redirected yourself to the Humble Monthly webpage so you can register and get your Steam code!

The Civilization series is famous for its “Just one more turn!” addictiveness, and it’s highly complex, yet easy to learn gameplay. The most common story heard from Civ fans is how they may sit down intending to only play for a little bit. The next time they look at the clock, hours have gone by! This series truly sucks you in, and Civ VI is another in a long line of strategy royalty. It currently sits at an 88% favorable rate on Metacritic, and it collected awards for Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game at the 2016 Game Critics Awards and Best Strategy Game at The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers as well as The Game Awards 2016, so it’s kind of a big deal. Not to mention, it was runner-up to Overwatch for our 2016 PC Game of the Year.

All of this can be yours!

The only downside to this deal (besides saying a temporary goodbye to your friends, loved ones, and perhaps your other hobbies), is that this is a monthly service, so you will get billed another $12 in February if you don’t cancel it. The good news is that besides just getting Civ VI and the two DLC packs, you will also receive more mystery games at the end of the month as part of your $12 subscription! Honestly, these can be hit or miss, but it’s still definitely worth at least this month’s $12 fee for the awesome deal on Civilization VI.

Wait, are you actually still reading?! Go! Buy! Lose hours of your life! Play as Ghandi and score a military victory! The world is your burrito!

Andrew Garvey is a writer and editor for The Geekiverse. Currently, he is trying to convince himself that it really will be one more turn. I mean, he can stop whenever he wants to. He just doesn’t want to, okay?! NOW GO AWAY.

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