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Kong: Skull Island Review

2017 heralds the return of one of Hollywood’s all-time biggest (hee hee) movie stars, the fictional giant ape ‘King Kong’. After receiving a few retellings of his classic story and several other strange off-shoots, we now have a major new Kong movie that reboots his story in a way that honors its history, but also sets itself apart boldly and distinctly. It stumbles here and there, but overall “Kong: Skull Island” is loads of fun and a great new start for this iconic character.

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The Rise of Ra’s al Ghul in DC Live Action

It’s interesting to me how certain things catch an unexpected wind and take flight. Like viral videos (Seriously, how did Chewbacca mom get more than 11 total views), no one ever knows what will gain speed. A strange example to me is the abundance of appearances of Ra’s al Ghul and his daughters in DC live action over the last decade.
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The Grumpy Geek Wonders Where the Boy Wonder Is

What happened to Robin? I am working on a piece about the Rise of Ra’s al Ghul and his daughters in DC live action. I’m not sure why I have been engaged with the DC universe as of late. I never really read DC as a kid. I’ve made no pretenses about it, I am no fan of their film library. I never have been. But being engaged, researching, and watching DC TV has made me realize is how rich a stable of characters they have.

That being said, one of my complaints (there’s more than a few) about their film catalog has been the absence of an important character. Ever since Batman & Robin in 1997 (20 years ago), the Boy Wonder has disappeared from the DC Live Action plan.  Batman & Robin was bad…super bad…Clooney himself admitted it bad. That wasn’t Robin’s fault. No reason he had to suffer banishment. There is, however, a certain commitment to campiness when the Boy Wonder is involved, B &R was certainly that, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
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Thor: Ragnarok-New Villain, New Lady, New…Hair?

Entertainment Weekly dropped a Mjolnir sized sneak peek at 2017’s hotly anticipated bookend to the Thor trilogy, entitled Ragnarok.  But is the world ready for a completely different Thor movie?  In a word…Yes.

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Logan Review

Hugh Jackman’s incarnation of Wolverine has been with us for nearly twenty years. What was once a last-minute recasting decision in 1999 has become one of the all-time fan favorite and definitive on-screen superhero realizations in 2017. The character has become the unofficial center of the X-Men film series, managing to maintain his own solo run of films in the process. Jackman returns as the cynical, weathered hero one last time for the definitive Wolverine movie, the best entry in the X-Men universe, and one of the few superhero movies that transcends the genre and rises to consideration among the year’s best overall films.

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