Call Of Duty: WWII Review – Another Sterling Entry For Gaming’s Biggest Shooter

It’s that time of year, as a brand new Call Of Duty game is released. This year, however, things are a bit different. Sledgehammer is at the helm and went back to the franchise’s roots in World War 2.

Before we get too far into this review, we have some house keeping to take care of. The Geekiverse was given a free copy of Call Of Duty: WWII to review by Activision and it was reviewed on an Xbox One. We’ll keep things spoiler free as far as the campaign goes. Lets get into it.

In starting off with the campaign, Sledgehammer did a good job overall. I really liked the change in direction from previous Call Of Duty installments. While it has been a change of direction from recent campaigns, it is, simply put, a return to Call Of Duty’s roots. Sledgehammer did a great job with this campaign, as you really grow attached to the characters and their stories. Speaking of the characters, the cast performed admirably. Josh Duhamel, best known for the Transformers series, is excellent in his role as the platoon’s Sargent. Jonathan Tucker, best known for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, also does a fantastic job as your character’s best friend throughout the game. The weak point was Brett Zimmerman’s performance as the voice of Daniels, the player controlled-character. As far as the substance of the campaign goes, the story will take you about 6 and a half hours to complete on a normal difficulty, which is fairly typical of most Call Of Duty campaigns. The story starts with landing on the beaches of Normandy and finishes with crossing the Rhine River. This is a lot of time to cover, and I feel that it was a little rushed. Overall, I did enjoy the campaign but it is not without its problems.

The game’s graphics look very sharp. I don’t believe that there was a major increase in the graphical quality from other CoD games in this generation of consoles. That is not to say that they are bad, but that they look just as good as Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Battlefield 1. As you would expect, the graphics do have a small decrease in quality in the multiplayer side of the game, but they stay on par with other games in its class. 

Multiplayer remains the staple of the Call Of Duty franchise. There are a lot of changes in the multiplayer aspect in WWII. One of the changes is there are no more limits on the number of things you can put into a a class. This has been a major complaint of mine since they introduced this back in Black Ops 2. The class, or “divisions” as they are called, seem to work better than in Black Ops 3. There are now bonuses to being in a certain Division instead of having a “super ability”. For example, if you join the Airborne, my personal favorite, you gain the ability to put a suppressor on your SMG. You can gain the ability to sprint for longer distances, carry extra lethal or tactical equipment, or move quieter throughout the map. Although the classes have weapons that are best to use with those specific classes, you can substitute other weapons in if you don’t mind forfeiting the perks for the class weapons. 

The prestige system has also changed. Now instead of reaching a level and then resetting to get some new stuff, you can now prestige your weapon and gain some aesthetic perks, you can prestige your division for some better perks and you can prestige your character as well. The last thought I want to cover on multiplayer would be the game modes. All the game modes that we love are back, such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy, plus a new game mode titled War. War is very similar to Battlefield’s Rush game mode, with a bit of a faster pace and shorter overall game time. The new game mode, although similar to Battlefield, has a style of play that is different enough to feel like it isn’t a straight rip off. Sledgehammer made some really great changes to the Call Of Duty multiplayer experience and hopefully these changes stay in further installments of the franchise.



Overall, Call Of Duty: WWII  is a good game and a great addition to the Call Of Duty  franchise. It is not without its problems, as the campaign feels a bit rushed, and the graphics don’t seem to be any better than other games in this generation. That being said there are some real positives in terms of the acting for the campaign, and the overhaul of the multiplayer. 

+Multiplayer is superb 

+Voice cast

-No real graphical upgrade from other CoD

-Campaign feels a bit rushed
Thank you very much for taking time to read my review of Call Of Duty: WWII. Don’t forget to pick up your copy and check out more awesome reviews and other great content right here at The Geekiverse.

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Adam spearheads our live streaming content both on our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel. He also edits some of our video content and gets us into to cool things like E3.

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