BREAKING: Disney Buys the Rights to "Anastasia" with Plans for Live Action Remake

For 20 years now, people have mistakenly included Anastasia as one of the official Disney Princesses... well, it looks like that debate is over. Disney has just announced that the studio has just acquired the rights to 20th Century Fox’s 1997 musical hit, Anastasia, thus making her the newest Disney Princess.


The film follows the story of Anya, a young woman who suffers from amnesia. With her only clue connecting her to Paris, she joins a former Russian Imperial court member and a handsome conman to find out that she is the long lost Romanov princess.

The animated feature has been considered a classic by many for years with a loyal fan base and it looks as if it’s a part of the Disney family. It will be getting its own live action remake in the same vein as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, assured fans of the original cartoon that Disney will respect Anastasia in the same way they have treated Marvel, Star Wars, and even Pixar. And if we base this newest live action remake off of what we’ve seen with Beauty and the Beast, it’s sure to be just as grand and memorable as the original animated feature.

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We still don’t have a release date, but rumors speculate that we can see Anya’s adventures with Dimitri and Vlad some time in 2019. While we wait, we’ll just have to watch the animated movie on repeat…

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Are you excited about Anastasia becoming Disney’s newest princess? Who do you want to see play Anya in the live action remake? Let us know in the comments!







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