5 Things We Learned About Captain Phasma From The Novel ‘Phasma’

She’s cold, cunning, and pretty shiny. But what else do we know about the most feared Stormtrooper in the First Order?

Article contains spoilers from Delilah S. Dawson’s Journey to The Last Jedi novel, ‘Phasma.’

Since debuting in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans wanted to know more about the mysterious, stylish Captain Phasma. After an unceremonious exit in TFA, it was time to give Star Wars fans their due on any detail that could be shared. Thankfully, Disney opted to release a book dedicated to the origin and ascent into the deadly First Order of Phasma, as well as a 4-part Marvel comic that chronicled her escape from Starkiller base and set the table for The Last Jedi. The Geekiverse found these 5 facts about the newly annointed “Chrome Dome” particularly fascinating.


1. Her name is actually “Phasma.”

Captain Cardinal aka “CD-0922.”. Photo courtesy of wookipeedia.com.

In the First Order, Stormtroopers are abducted children, who are trained from birth to be soldiers with the promise of a better life among the stars. Everything is taken from them, including their families. They are brainwashed slowly over the course of their training. Even their birth names are forgotten. Phasma is the exception to the rule. She is the first Stormtrooper to ever be allowed to keep her original name, earning the title and rank of “Captain.” Phasma is her birth name, given to her by her parents, who are from the long forgotten planet of Parnassos. In the novel, Phasma’s true adversary is the only other Stormtrooper captain, a trooper named “Captain Cardinal.” Cardinal, however is a nickname given by General Brendol Hux, the first Stormtrooper to be allowed to keep a nickname instead of a number. “CD-0922” is Cardinal’s assigned number.

2. How Phasma joined the First Order.

Just as the retention of her true name is an anomaly within the ranks of the First Order Stormtroopers, Phasma’s joining of the First Order is a unique story. Phasma’s home planet, Parnassos, is a galactic dump. We aren’t talking “pretty much nowhere” Jakku, but rather a seemingly long, isolated, primitive planet void of most modern medicine, technology, and weapons. General Brendol Hux’s First Order shuttle crashes on Parnassos and in his travels, comes across “the Scyre,” a region of the planet that is particularly scummy and villainous (think Mos Eisley on Death Sticks). It also happens to be where Phasma’s clan is located. Upon the promise of a better future, Phasma helps Hux (father of The Force Awakens’ General Armitage Hux) to find his downed ship. The journey takes Phasma, Hux, a trio of Stormtroopers, and a few of the Scyre’s citizens across the deadly, dangerous plains of Parnassos. During their journey, it becomes clear that Phasma’s abilities as a local warrior and leader would translate well to the First Order. General Hux brings Phasma with upon finding his downed ship, and Phasma’s rise through the ranks would become meteoric.

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3. How she acquired her special armor.

Palpatine’s Naboo Yacht. Photo courtesy of wookieepedia.com.

We knew as far back as when The Force Awakens released that Phasma’s armor was made from an old Naboo Yacht that was a favorite of Emperor Palpatine’s. However, we never knew how she truly got her hands on that material. During her journey on Parnassos to find General Hux’s downed ship (which we eventually would find to be Palpatine’s former yacht), Phasma wore the tight fitting armor of a shorter, smaller Stormtrooper that failed to survive one of the group’s many clashes with local adversaries. One year after her ascension to the First Order, Phasma traveled back to Parnassos one last time to search for the downed ship. On her journey with Hux to find said shuttle, she used a piece of debris from the ship’s hull as a shield. Digging through the sands where she believed the crash site to be, Phasma found multiple pieces of debris. She would then bring these to a long abandoned factory on the other side of the planet, where manufacturing had taken place. The machinery was capable of replicating the shape of certain items, such as Phasma’s ill-fitting Stormtrooper equipment and thus, Phasma’s shiny, intimidating blaster resistant armor was born.

4. She killed General Brendol Hux.

General Armitage Hux, son of Brendol. Photo courtesy of starwars.com.

As mentioned, Phasma’s abilities and very existence were discovered by General Brendol Hux, father of the young spitfire Armitage Hux. Over time, Brendol became no further use to Phasma, and stunted the advancement of Armitage. With those two factors looming, Phasma and Armitage teamed up to murder Brendol. It’s a dark tale, and one that ironically makes Kylo Ren and Armitage Hux alike in that way. Under official First Order records, Brendol has developed a “malady.” While trying to take care of this malady in a bacta tank, Phasma dispatched a Parnassos Beetle into the liquid. On Parnassos, these deadly beetles delivered fatal bites in which their victims would eventually turn to liquid. Quite grotesque to say the least. In doing so, Phasma left no trail and no evidence. Armitage would be promoted, and Brendol would no longer stand in his way.

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5. No one in The First Order has seen Phasma’s face.

With the exception of one individual: the deceased Brendol Hux, who saw Phasma’s face while on Parnassos. Part of the mystery and intrigue of Captain Phasma is that no one else has ever seen her face. Not Armitage Hux, not Kylo Ren, not Supreme Leader Snoke. Some (now debunked) fan theories had actually claimed that Phasma was a droid covered in Stormtrooper armor. Phasma plays her hand and shows arch rival Captain Cardinal her face just before she near-fatally stabs him. Cardinal is rescued by Resistance Spy Vi, who escapes from the Absolution Star Destroyer before slipping in and out of consciousness. Phasma is described to be beautiful by Cardinal, though he is no longer a part of the First Order once he decides to try and take her down in combat inside the walls of a training exercise room. In The Last Jedi, Finn smashes Phasma in her face, causing the left eye of her mask to be shattered. Thus, we see Phasma’s naked eye once before she falls to her fiery death. Well, one can never assume the death of a beloved character in any fiction these days…..thanks a lot, Marvel.


There you have it. Those are the five most intriguing facts we learned about Phasma in Delilah Dawson’s novel. Tell us in the comments below what you found interesting. Are you upset about Phasma’s lack of screen time in Episodes VII & VIII or are you satisfied with Disney’s coverage of Chrome Dome in the new canon novel and comics?


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