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WATCH: Defending Superman Returns

November 17, 2017 Seth Zielinski 0

Seth loves movies other people hate. Why not dedicate a whole series to his very real struggles? In the premiere episode of “Defense Theater”, professional gentleman Seth takes us back to 2006 to make his […]


Super Mario: Odyssey Review

November 16, 2017 Jeff Pawlak 0

The arrival of a 3D Mario platformer is always a seminal event for Nintendo fans. They’ve been a rare treat since gaming entered the three-dimensional sphere, their scarcity magnifying their illustrious quality. Previous 3D Marios […]


11 WTF Moments in Stranger Things 2

November 16, 2017 Amanda Woomer-Limpert 0

Congratulations! You’ve officially survived two full weeks without any new Stranger Things episodes! You’ve watched the show at least twice now, watched Beyond Stranger Things, read all of our articles, listened to our spoilercast, and […]


REVIEW: Outlander: Doldrums

November 15, 2017 Amanda Woomer-Limpert 0

When we last saw our beloved Highlander and Sassenach, things were… tense… to say the least. It was revealed that Jamie had married literally the worst person in the show, Laoghaire (which is saying a whole […]

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