Geek Pull #2: Amanda Knox on Netflix

For those who weren’t infatuated with the trial 9 years ago….

The year is 2007. I am a senior in High School. I have no idea what the news of the day is, or why I should care. In fact, the only real news I paid attention to in my entire 17 year existence at the time was 9/11 and the presidential elections. I also had no idea that I would eventually become involved in the news business, and would cover cases like this on a local level in both TV and radio. Low and behold, here we are. So when I stumbled upon a documentary on Netflix called “Amanda Knox,” I jumped at the opportunity to watch it.


In 2007, Amanda Knox traveled to Italy as part of a study abroad program. Someone murdered her roommate, Meredith Kercher. Police arrested Knox, her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, and the owner of the pub she worked at from time to time. They released the pub-owner Patrick because evidence didn’t point to him. That background is just as much for you as it is for me. I think the first time I had heard Amanda Knox’s name was a few years ago when her acquittal hearing came up.

This documentary does a fantastic job of painting a clear picture of what happened for those who did not live through it. The media coverage was astronomical. The police presence was intense. And the evidence certainly seemed damning against Knox and/or Sollecito. The whole while, we hear from Knox in the present time about her emotions, her reactions, her belief as to what may have happened. Sollecito is also interviewed, as is the lead investigator, and a prominent member of the media.

This documentary reminded me of Making A Murderer, but summed up in an hour and a half. The producers weaved the details in and out as if it were happening in real time. If you didn’t know the story, the evidence was shocking! Wait, the traces of DNA on the knife are too faint to be considered reliable? There’s another suspect who likely did all of this? The media portrayed Amanda Knox as a sexual deviant? There’s just so much I can see happening in today’s day and age that blows my mind. And now being in news, I can see this developing in the blink of an eye. I see the side of the journalist. I see the side of the investigator. The one person I do not see the side of is Amanda Knox.


Her demeanor is so eerie throughout this documentary. Past and present, she is seemingly unfazed by the fact her roommate was murdered! She kisses her boyfriend lovingly right outside the apartment her dead roommate is. She seems unfazed by the fact that someone she knew for at least a small period of time is now dead. And then she celebrates when being acquitted. It’s all very strange and captivating. For anyone that appreciates crime and documentary’s about real life, this is for you.

As a self-proclaimed documentary enthusiast, I would suggest the aforementioned Making a Murderer, Last Chance U, and Fittest on Earth.

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6 thoughts on “Geek Pull #2: Amanda Knox on Netflix”

  1. I thought this was a stunning documentary and I think that your assertion that it was an hour and a half version of “Making a Murderer” is spot on. Did you come out of it believe in her innocence?

    1. Sigh. It’s so tough to determine what happened. All the evidence still points to Rudy. But her lack of compassion disturbs me so much. Honestly, I don’t know. Still! However, as the lead investigator said, if she is innocent, I hope she can move on with her life.

      1. Yah, it seems like one of those dualities where she could be sociopath or, disturbed and yet still be innocent. Who knows. Anyways, thanks for sharing the review.

      2. As she said, she is either a sheep in wolf’s clothing or innocent. It’s wildly disturbing and still yet fascinating.

        We appreciate the comment at The Geekiverse!

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