Shows on Netflix You Should Be Watching Part 1

As we venture into September the leaves are starting to change, school has started, and there’s a nice chill in the air. Maybe you’re looking for something new to watch or have some extra time to kill, if so you might want to take a look at my Must Watch Netflix List.
Stranger Things

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A throwback to those old Stephen King, Steven Spielberg 80’s sci-fi thrillers. Stranger Things takes a group of nerds and makes their game of Dungeons and Dragons come to life, in a matter of speaking, but the story is much more than that.

Seasons: 1
Episode Length:  <1 hr. 

House of Cards

Image result for House of Cards

What’s not to love about Kevin Spacey playing a corrupt politician looking to further his own gain by manipulating the government?

Seasons: 4
Episode Length: <1 hr.

Bojack Horseman

Image result for Bojack horseman

What do you get when you take a washed up 90’s sitcom actor and a horse? A really damn good TV show. It has a certain realness that a live action show just can’t portray.

Seasons: 3
Episode Length: 25 mins.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Image result for the seven deadly sins

After being framed for trying to take down the Kingdom, the Seven Deadly sins disband and scattered to the winds, passing into legend, until a princess named Elizabeth happens upon a young man named Meliodas and with him she tracks down the sins of legend to take back her Kingdom.

Seasons: 1
Episode Length: 25 mins

Marco Polo

Image result for Marco Polo TV

We have all learned about Marco Polo and his detailed journey to china but you’ve never seen him portrayed like this.

Seasons: 2
Episode Length: 52 mins

I’m sure by now you’ve probably realized that these are all Netflix original series shows and for good reason, they’re all amazing. If you have a Netflix subscription watch them. My part 2 list will be posted shortly.

Leave me a comment is there a show not on here that should be? Let me know, Cheers!

Sam Sarvis has put down the controller for now and is tirelessly binge watching TV Shows on Netflix, she is currently watching American Horror Story Season 3.

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