Deal of the Day: It’s AMAZON PRIME DAY

Unless you live under a digital rock, you know by now that it is Amazon Prime Day.  The deals are overflowing from Amazon, and there’s some really, really great ones for Prime members.

Here’s some questions that came in about Amazon Prime.

“Gee, Grumpy Geek, what if I don’t have Amazon Prime?” I can hear you asking already. Well, that’s easy. Try it for 30 days with no hassle whatsoever. You can cancel at any time and it doesn’t cost you a thing. AND…if you sign up today, you get to take advantage of the Prime Day deals.

“Come on, Grumpy, you know the only thing I ever buy is Star Wars stuff. Why do I need Prime?” (Josiah thinks I don’t know that he sent in this question.) Well, @StarWarsDrummer, yes you can buy all of your Star Wars stuff through Amazon, and enjoy all of the good pricing and free shipping that Amazon Prime members get.

“We’re Geeks, Grumpy. We order our games from other game outlets because we can pre-order them and save and get them delivered on release day.” C’mon, gamer dude, don’t be a Wigglytuff. You can get all of those same benefits at Amazon. Here’s a great example of a game to preorder, and Brunner has an article coming soon, full of preorder possibilities.

“Really, Grumpy, show us ONE GOOD Prime Day Deal.” I’ll do better than that.

Here’s a boat load – Everything from  TVs to Ice Makers to Amazon Echo.

If you have been thinking about trying Prime out. Today’s the day.

You can even get this.

Grumpy Tee Shirt

That’s one good looking guy. C’mon. Get over to Amazon Prime Deals today, or if you are not a Prime member. Try it out for FREE today and snag some GREAT deals.


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