Orange is the New Black, Season 4, Episode 9

“I think you’re forgetting your situation…”

The picture is out, and Caputo isn’t willing to accept that Judy King is actually a lesbian with Cindy. Luscheck is the man who put the picture out there, and he’s trying to get the money to Judy King. Those two have to fully commit to the false reality that they’re a couple.

We start learning the history of Blanca, who used to be an old white woman’s servant. She’s truly a whiny, demanding old lady. She realizes she won’t get searched if she continues smelling like butt, so the rest of the Latinas follow through with that idea. If we learn anything from Blanca’s past, it’s that she’s great at revenge. She sleeps with a man right in front of her old-lady boss. She straightens right up after that. However, smelly Blanca is forced to stand on a  table until the guard says so. Gonna get interesting.

Morello and Nicki are fighting like an old married couple. Morello calls Nicki a druggy, and Nicki calls Morello a whore. Then Morello sells out Nicki to Red, who simply ignores it at first. Then she breaks down when she sees Nicki in a poor state. I don’t cry during Netflix, but that one nearly got me. Nearly… In then end, Nicki commits to sobriety for Red’s sake. Side note: that eye flicker thing Nicki does is truly creepy.

Doggett goes back to Boo for continued advice about Abe. She thinks it’s time to move on because he was willing to apologize, but Boo doesn’t see it that way. She tells Doggett, you let it go, you move on, or I’m done with you. Very weird dynamic to think about. I can kind of see from everyone’s perspective. It’s like a triple-threat match, and I want each person to win the match.

Sister is trying to get into the SHU with all her might. Taking food out of the cafeteria. Smoking in front of the guards. She punches another inmate in the face right in front of the guards, and finally gets to the SHU. Pretty funny moment by the inmates.

Maritza is having a game of “would you rather” with Flaca in the cafeteria, and a guard is stalking them. One was, “Eat 10 flies, or a baby mouse.” The guard puts a gun to Maritza’s head after she drives them to on-campus housing, and makes her choose. By far the freakiest moment in this show’s history, at least for me. I cringed, hard.

Brunner 1.0 is the the cream of the crop. He always rises to the top.

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