Orange is the New Black, Season 4, Episode 8

“My momma is gonna see me kissing a white woman.”

And it’s Red’s things… Not the smartest decision. While she’s doing that, she’s hitting on Morello left and right. Then we learn that Nikki is just trying to get ANY girl as she hits on Alex.

Speaking of Morello, she thinks her husband is cheating on her, so she enlists her sister to dig up some dirt on that situation. Have to wait to see how that plays out.

Piper is still dealing with her new tattoo. She calls her brother, Cal, and she finds out he’s going to be a daddy! This kind of leaves Piper in disarray. In the end, she ends up smoking crack with Alex and Nikki in the garden. Kind of broke my heart to see Piper fall into that. She’s a real OG in the prison, but drug user she is not. I got attached to the “good girl Piper doing tough stuff” persona. In the end of the episode they make the Nazi tattoo a “window” tattoo. Ouch.

The inmates get a new job as construction workers. Quite entertaining to see them fake their way through that. Aleida is trying to stay clean in the midst of a drug deal going on in the hair salon. The fact that hair salon is back gives Red some trepidation.

Abe and Doggett can’t seem to stay away from each other. He eventually gets the courage to apologize, and it’s oddly meaningful. She clearly doesn’t fully accept it, but also can’t hate him fully. She says, “Thank you for saying that” and walks away. Chilling.

Judy enlists Poussey to get the blacks on her side following the racist incident. Then the photo thing all comes to light. So, Judy King kisses Cindy right smack in daylight to get the most bang for the buck. The teamwork is on!

And of course we need some weird Caputo Linda moment. She pulls a gun on Crystal. Maputo gets turned on. It’s weird. It’s messed up. It’s oddly normal for this show.

Brunner 1.0 is the wheel that keeps on turning for the Geekiverse. Except for sleep and that stuff you know?

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