Orange Is The New Black Season 4, Episode 7

“You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Guess who is back? Nicky! And she is struggling to fit back into Litchfield society after being gone so long. Her old lesbian flame is now married. Piper is a Neo-Nazi. It’s all flipped on it’s head. Plus, now that she’s back using again, it’s back to hiding from everyone again, including Red.

We also get the back story with Lolly. She was a columnist for a free weekly newspaper, which is where her conspiracy paranoia began. She was let go from that job and put in government-type housing. Eventually she becomes homeless… and then gets arrested for “resisting” arrest. It makes you really feel for Lolly, as we see with Healy, who takes her under his wing. He’s trying to make her seem normal, but she’s still hearing voices in her head.

Meanwhile, Taystee is still determine to get a picture with Judy King. Once they see footage of her essentially racially mocking black people back in the 1980’s (contraband cell phones, gotta love them), they think they can make bank with that picture. It’s quite comical to see their efforts…

The ending is soul crushing. Chapman’s bodyguard sells her out to the Dominicans. Promptly, they put a swastika on her arm. It’s gruesome. It’s horrifying. It’s Orange is the New Black.

Brunner 1.0 is the wheel that keeps on turning for the Geekiverse. Except for sleep and that stuff you know?

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