Orange Is The New Black Season 4, Episode 6

This episode is emotional. And I was just coming off an emotional low with the announcement of Yellowcard ending their existence following an upcoming tour. Anyway, more on that Pop Punk part of my life later.

We get to see more of Nicky in this episode, which is great, but also turns rather depressing. She gets a chip for staying clean for 3 years, and she’s actually quite proud of her accomplishment. However, she encounters Stella (the first time we’ve seen her this season) who is still using. Luschek goes to apologize to Nicky, and that starts the downward spiral. Then, after giving Sofia a magazine while cleaning the SHU, that cell is left in a bloody mess. Nicky then relapses by enticing the crooked guard. It’s a roller coaster for Nicky that really saddened me.

Speaking of Luschek, he played a crucial part in Abe discovering himself? I’m not sure what to think of it… Gina cut her hand while setting up illegal cable, and Abe sticks up for her. Remember, this is the same Abe that raped an inmate. Is this show trying to make me sympathetic for a rapist?

The dirty panty war continues. The accidental white power gang tells the guards the Latinas are sneaking in panties. So the search begins, against only the Latinas. Clearly racist searches going on, that end with Maria getting 3-5 more years for the contraband panties. She’s not pleased, and Piper is in legitimate danger now. Could be creepy.

Brunner 1.0 is the #1 pick in every Geek draft there’s ever been.

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