11 WTF Moments in Stranger Things 2

Congratulations! You’ve officially survived two full weeks without any new Stranger Things episodes! You’ve watched the show at least twice now, watched Beyond Stranger Things, read all of our articles, listened to our spoilercast, and you’ve even resorted to reading fan fiction. Don’t worry–you’re not alone. So we’ve compiled yet another list for you to sink your teeth into like a Demo-dog into a Three Musketeers bar! Here are Eleven (see what we did there?) moments–some good, some bad–that made us whisper to ourselves, “WTF?!”

Spoiler Warning

1. The secret to quaff locks is Farrah Fawcett Spray


The whole character arc of Steve Harrington could be summed up in a joyous WTF. He went from being the typical high school jerk to Hawkins’ #1 Dad. He took Dustin under his wing and gave him all sorts of advice on dating and girls and of course, hair care (seriously, Steve has fabulous hair). Steve revealed the secret to that gorgeous mop of hair. After you shower and your hair is damp–not wet, but damp–do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett Spray. No judging here… with hair like that, any judgement would bounce right off anyway. Oh, and by the way, yes, this stuff is legit. In the late 70s and early 80s, there was a line of hair care products that bore Farrah’s name and likeness. Sadly, the spray isn’t being produced anymore but you can always find some vintage bottles on eBay!

2. The Jim Hopper Hustle

This was worthy of a gif

It didn’t even take a day for Stranger Things 2 to find it’s number one meme: Jim Hopper dancing to Jim Croce after finding Eleven and bringing her to his family cabin. In the last season, we first met Hopper as a washed-up, loser cop who really had nothing to live for other than lukewarm, flat beer in the morning. Once he was determined to find Will and bring him home, he was given a sense of purpose but with a whole lot of intense angst too. In season two, Hopper has an even bigger sense of purpose: building a home for Eleven while also trying to keep her hidden (aka: alive). Despite the fact that Hopper is trying to win Eleven’s trust in the beginning and lighten the dire-ness of their situation, it was still bizarre to see him shaking his hips and snapping his fingers to “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim.” What made the scene even better was Eleven’s reaction to his dancing. I didn’t know I needed dancing Hopper in my life until now.

3. Did Stranger Things just make a dirty joke?


One of the many subplots we got this season was between Nancy and Jonathon. Still guilty about Barb’s death, Nancy decides to take matters into her own hands and with Jonathon at her side, they venture into Hawkins Lab and manage to gather some pretty incriminating evidence. They go to Murray Bauman, a black listed reporter turned conspiracy theorist, and work together to bring down the lab. While with Murray, Nancy and Jonathon realize the sexual tension between the two of them and end up spending the night together. The next day, Murray asks Jonathon, “How was the pull out [couch]?” It was a bit strange to have the show attempt to pull off a dirty joke… stranger still that they did it successfully.

4. The Return of Dart


Another subplot we were privy to this season was the story of a boy and his monster. Dustin found what he thought was an undiscovered reptile in his trashcan on Halloween night. Of course, it ended up molting (no, not malting, Steve, molting) into a baby Demogorgon. Not exactly man’s best friend. Despite the fact that Dart continued to molt and grow to be a member of the Mind Flayer’s Demo-dog army, Dustin was convinced that he shared a special bond with Dart. However, that bond was quickly forgotten when the little Pollywog began to turn into a terrifying monster. But while Dustin is in The Upside Down with the other kids, it looked as if Dart was there to save the day. Dustin immediately recognized his Demo-dog, fed him some nougat, and Dart let them go. He may not have been quite like Lassie, but Dart came through and saved the day!

5. 008’s sudden and unexpected introduction


Can we all just admit that when Stranger Things 2 began, we were all a bit nervous? The first three minutes of the show, we found ourselves in Pittsburgh with a group of what looked like no-good bank robbers in absolutely horrific plastic Halloween masks. We got a classic 80s car chase and a pretty cool getaway, revealing another kid from Hawkins Lab with psychic abilities, 008 or who we would later learn to be Kali. But let’s be honest: it definitely felt a bit off. Why weren’t we in Hawkins? Where’s Will and Eleven and Hopper and Mike? Who the heck are these people? And why should I care for them? Where are the kids and characters I spent the last 15 months worrying about? Of course, in hindsight, this led us to everyone’s favorite episode, The Lost Sister, but it was still a pretty jarring way to open up the new season.

6. Dustin standing forlornly at the Snow Ball. 


Seriously, Duffer Brothers: WTF? It wasn’t as if middle school was torturous enough but to then have to go to the dreaded dances, knowing full well you’re going to be standing all by yourself in the corner (or in my case, at the snack table), watching as literally everyone else you know has found someone special to dance with and wondering what was wrong with you. Why can people around you figure out how to socialize better than you? How do they not hyperventilate when they talk to someone that they like? HOW?! That was traumatic enough to live through myself, but to force me to watch that precious cinnamon bun baby, Dustin, go through the same hell? No thank you. I did not need to see that. Those tears streaming down his face will scar me for the rest of my life and it will take me a long time to get out of this lonely Dustin induced depression.

7. Hoppers adventures in the tunnels of The Upside Down


Did anyone else yell angrily at their TV screen as the camera angle began to spin, turning Hopper upside down? No? Just me? Okay… Either way, this was one of the first major cliffhangers of the season. After Will is possessed by the Mind Flayer, he begins to draw random scribbles. It doesn’t take too long for Hopper to realize that it’s a map of Hawkins and the scribbles are vines–tunnels underground. He manages to find his way into the tunnels and our hearts slowly drop as the world turns, revealing that he has found a lovely little portal into The Upside Down. He ends up going on a ridiculously stupid adventure (seriously, this and Nancy going through the tree in season one is some really stupid horror movie crap guaranteed to get you killed), getting poisoned, getting tied up by some icky vines similar to what held Will and Barb hostage, and is (luckily) saved by Joyce. Yeah… can we not do that again?

8. Mews getting eaten by Dart


This moment in the show was both heartbreaking, disgusting, and slightly hilarious all at the same time (and honestly, the inspiration for this article). Very rarely do shows and movies kill off an animal and when it happens, fans are upset… like really upset… Forget that burning train filled with orphans, they killed the dog! Dustin comes home to find that Dart has molted yet again and following a trail of blood, finds the little Demo-dog munching away on his mother’s beloved cat, Mews. It’s a pretty disturbing moment, especially when you realize Dustin is still just a kid, finding his family cat, dead. What’s even more upsetting is that Dustin continues to lie to his mother, giving her false hope that they might somehow find poor Mewsie. Let’s hope that Twos gets a better run in the Henderson household. I think it’s time to start a new hashtag #Justice4Mews.

9. The Eleven has been hiding out in Hopper’s cabin reveal


Yes, this came at the very end of episode one. And yes, we had a feeling that Hopper was somehow helping Eleven at the end of last season. But I wasn’t expecting it like this! Not here! Not now! And certainly not him scolding her for not eating her mushy TV dinner peas before gorging herself on Eggos. Can we talk about the cuteness overload. Here’s a guy that lost his daughter. Someone who probably never thought would ever find joy in life again. And here’s a girl who has never known affection or human companionship. They become an unlikely pairing in a somewhat adorably dysfunctional family. But when he randomly pulled up to a house that was definitely not his lakeside trailer and began talking to some unseen companion, I was not expecting it to be Eleven… and certainly not an Eleven with that mop of hair!

10. The death of Bob Newby, Superhero


I’ll be honest: for the longest time, I was convinced that Bob was a bad guy, no doubt working for Hawkins Lab somehow. With his absolutely horrible advice to Will to actually stop and face the shadow monster and the constant threat of “spies” throughout the season, no one could convince me the Bob wasn’t spying on the Byers, reporting back to Dr. Owens and the rest of the lab. But then it turned out that he really was just a sweet guy who loved Joyce for who she was and wanted to be a good father and friend to both Will and Jonathon… and that’s when we all knew he had to die. Because nothing perfect and beautiful, like Bob the Brain, can last in Hawkins, Indiana. After being the hero and saving the day, Bob smiles at Joyce after surviving the most stressful five minutes of season two… only to be eaten alive by a hoard of Demo-dogs. It was sudden and it was violent. It was painful to watch but, honestly, a good, meaningful death for a character that could have simply been a throw away role. Now move aside Boyce (or is it Job?) fans… make way for some Jopper love!

11. The exorcism of Will Byers


This entire season was definitely an interesting take on the classic exorcism/possession story. Will was being haunted by the Mind Flayer and about halfway through the season, he become fully possessed by the monster. He became angry, cold, and a spy for the Mind Flayer. Joyce continued to take him to the Lab and trusted Dr. Owens and Hopper to help solve her problems. But it wasn’t until Bob’s death, that Joyce was out for revenge. She wanted to get this thing out of her boy and then kill it. Taking Will to a place he wouldn’t recognize–Hopper’s cabin–they began to burn the Mind Flayer out of him (“He likes it cold.”). It’s an extremely terrifying scene where Will is surrounded by heaters, thrashing about, choking Joyce, and screaming. It’s some of the best acting from Noah Schnapp as Will and Winona Ryder as Joyce, and, hands down, definitely the most disturbing imagery in the entire season (and that’s coming off of watching Bob getting eaten alive by a pack of Demo-dogs).

What moments in Stranger Things 2 made you sit back and take notice? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you scratch your head? Let us know what you thought of the season in the comments below!

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