11 Things We Want to See In Stranger Things 3

It’s never too early to being thinking about Stranger Things 3, right? 

We’ve officially had more then two weeks to sit and dissect everything Stranger Things 2 in all it’s 80s glory, which we did. In fact, it’s been reported that 15 million people watched the season two premiere, each episode averaged 4 million viewers, and 350,000 people binged the entire season in 24 hours… See? You’re not alone! However, that’s now given a lot of us two weeks to come up with fan theories, look for Easter eggs, and question everything. And even though we don’t yet have an official release date for Stranger Things 3, we know that it’s definitely coming, with it being one of Netflix’s biggest shows (sorry, House of Cards) and the fact that the Duffer Brothers have confirmed that they have a story for four seasons.

That being said, we have a whole bunch of fan appeasing fluffy goodness that we would like to see in Stranger Things 3… Here are just Eleven (see what we did there?).

Spoiler Warning

1. The end of the Steve-Nancy-Jonathon love triangle 


Seriously, can this stop being a thing? In season one, we had the dream high school couple of Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. Nancy was the perfect, wonderbread, straight A student and Steve was the first class jerk, high school jock. Let’s be honest, everyone hated Steve when he broke Jonathon’s camera [after he had taken pictures of his girlfriend undressing]. But he came back and proved himself worthy of all of our love in the final episode of season one when he bravely faced the Demogorgon without asking any questions. In our heads, we thought that Nancy could do better than Steve and that “better” was Jonathon. In season two, Steve was nothing short of the King of Hawkins and the King of Character Development. He was kind, sweet, and understanding, and when Nancy admitted that she didn’t have feelings for him, he gave her some space and let her figure her life out. While she was busy hooking up with Jonathon, Steve was off becoming Hawkins’ #1 Dad. Can we just agree that Steve can do so much better than Nancy? Instead of Team Steve or Team Jonathon, can we just continue to have Steve be the world’s best babysitter while Nancy continues to have a quarter life crisis and Jonathon continues to be creepy?

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2. A Max/ Billy backstory


I get it: the Duffer Brothers wanted to create a human antagonist in the form of Billy and they wanted to create a bit of tension in our core group by introducing a new girl into the mix who is most definitely not Eleven. But let’s be honest: we’re all just slightly confused about Billy and Max and their dysfunctional family. When Max begins to hang around Lucas, Billy starts to freak out, threatening his stepsister and ordering her to stay away from Lucas. All the while, he’s also being super possessive with Max and kind of hitting on Steve in the shower after basketball practice. We know that Billy and Max are trapped in a household with an abusive father/stepfather. But seriously, what the heck is Billy’s problem? Is he gay and doesn’t want to admit it? Racist? Homophobic? Just a jerk for no good reason? He seems like an extremely two dimensional character which is completely out of the ordinary for Stranger Things and the Duffer Brothers. Here’s hoping we either get a back story or a bit of an explanation with these two.

3. Will and Eleven finally meeting


It’s bizarre to think about–Will was the focal point of season one and two and Eleven was the only one who could save the day in both seasons–and yet these two have never officially met one another. By the time Eleven had managed to escape Hawkins Lab, Will had already been taken by the Demogorgon.  And while Will was safe and sound in Hawkins trying to get used to life once again, Eleven was stuck in Hopper’s cabin for a whole year. And yet by the time Eleven was back with our favorite gang, Will was in a medically induced sleep. Talk about a whirlwind of a relationship where your lives revolve around each other without ever actually meeting each other. It’s a relief to know that this was acknowledged in the final episode when Eleven returns to Joyce’s house. She approaches her and asks if she can see Will. It’s a pretty powerful moment where you realize that despite the fact that she has fought so hard for Will, she had never actually met him or gotten to see him face to face. Yes, they were both at the Snow Ball but let’s be honest: she was focused on dancing with Mike and Will was busy with what’s her face.

4. Quality kids time

Photo: EW

I think we can all agree that the number one charm of this entire show is the kids and their incredible talent. It’s in the same fun category as E.T. and The Goonies where the kids are the main focus and the heroes of the day! The talent of Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Noah Schnapp (Will), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) is some of the very best in the show (and with performers like Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Sean Astin, that is saying something). Here’s hoping that these kids finally get a chance to all be together. We’ve had Mike, Eleven, Dustin, and Lucas and then Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas but never all five of them at once. And, let’s be honest: this last season, the kids were all split up on little side adventures that we never got a chance to really see them gel together. And now with both Max and Eleven in the mix, that’s sure to add a bit of fun. As long as they don’t continue with the Eleven is jealous because Mike is talking to Max and the Dustin vs. Lucas for Max’s affections story lines. Come on guys, we’re better than that…

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5. Can we give Will a break?


As if middle school isn’t miserable enough, this kid had to miss a week of classes after being dragged into The Upside Down to be an incubator for a Demo-dog, and then he had to get possessed by a wicked shadow monster, only to have yet another week ruined while stuck in Hawkins Lab and basically in a comatose state. Talk about a rough break. It’s beginning to feel as if the Duffer Brothers can’t be so cheap as to continue throwing horrific events onto Will and the rest of the Byers’ family. It’s difficult enough to think that the town of Hawkins is having something strange and paranormal happening to them two years in a row. To have it happen a third year in a row and to have it happen to Will again would just be too predictable. I think this kid deserves a major break and at least a pass through freshman year of high school… he’s definitely earned it.

6. More info on The Upside Down


If Middle Earth can get the Silmarillionwhy on Earth can’t we get something for Stranger Things?! We know that The Upside Down is similar to the Shadow Realm in Dungeons & Dragons where it’s a sick, twisted mirror image of our own world. There’s a lot of speculation about what The Upside Down actually is but nothing really substantial. Fan theories will point out that when we travel into The Upside Down, the cars look like they’re from the 1950s instead of the 1980s. Could it be the result of a post-World War II experiment gone wrong? It is an alternate reality? How far does it span? What creatures can be found in The Upside Down? Is it just the Demogorgon, the Demo-dogs, and the Mind Flayer? Or is there so much more? All we really know is that Eleven accidentally opened the gate after she touched the Demogorgon in the Void. Here’s hoping that we at least get a better explanation if not some actual solid mythology on The Upside Down.

7. Justice for Bob


In season one, when fan favorite, Barb Holland, died suddenly in episode three, fans were outraged. The hashtag #Justice4Barb was born. It took off on the internet so much, that the Duffer Brothers ended up giving us exactly what we wanted–Nancy fought to get justice for Barb. Last season, it was Barb Holland and this season it was Bob Newby, fan favorite who left us far too soon. Bob, derpy dork, gamer geek, and all around perfect guy went through Stranger Things 2 not really sure what the heck was going on but he rolled with the punches with a smile on his face. Bob had his moment to shine as he restored the power in the lab and helped Mike, Will, Joyce, and Hopper escape the Demo-dogs. Sadly, Bob did not make it which lit a fire under Joyce’s butt and gave her a sense of purpose. Here’s hoping that Bob’s death finds a bit more meaning and we manage to really stick it to the Mind Flayer and get #Justice4Bob

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8. A brand new monster to keep us up at night


In season one, we got the Demogorgon. In season two, we got the Demo-dogs and the dreaded Mind Flayer. What in the world could be waiting of us in season three? If we’re going in the same direction as Dungeons & Dragons, we might get the Thessylhyrda. Or maybe we’ll get a villain from an arcade game. It’s doubtful that the Duffer Brothers would reuse plot points so it could be something completely new! Maybe a villain similar to Alien or Predator? Could it be possible that something bigger and badder could exist besides the Mind Flayer? Or will we be getting more minion-esque characters similar to the Demo-dogs? Only time will tell but I’m certainly excited to see what new monsters await us in The Upside Down!

9. More Dad Steve moments


Can we all just admit that Steve Harrington was the single best part of the entire season? Okay… now that we got that out of the way, can was talk about Dad Steve? From looking at the kids, exasperated with a dish towel thrown over his shoulder and hands on hips, to throwing punches to protect Lucas, and being the chaperone into The Upside Down, Steve ruled this season. He went from being too cool for literally everyone, to being the only responsible(ish) adult around, forced to look out for the kids . If Steve spends the rest of his days in Hawkins, completely ignoring Nancy and doing nothing but keeping those kids out of trouble, I am 100% on board. Oh! And of course, more Dustin and Steve shenanigans is a definite must.

10. The growing up of Jane Hopper


If you think Will’s had a tough go at growing up in the 1980s, let’s talk about Eleven. Taken from her mother literally the day she was born, forced to become a weapon of mass destruction by crushing soda cans and hurting cats, and having absolutely no idea what love, affection, or human companionship is, Eleven has had a pretty tough go at life so far. At the end of season one, we had a suspicion that Hopper was looking out for her, but we had no idea to what extent. Hiding her in his family cabin, Hopper begins to build a little family with her. It was a really interesting and super intricate story line that resulted in a heart warming reveal that Hopper ends up adopting Eleven. We get our first glimpse of Eleven living a “normal” life as she walks into the Snow Ball, but that can’t possibly be the end! Next season, the kids are going to be in high school which is bound to add a bit of stress to both Eleven and Papa Hopper. Let’s just hope she doesn’t go by the name on her birth certificate, Jane Hopper… Come on, El… you’re way cooler than that.

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11. Jopper


I will keep pushing the Joyce/Hopper pairing until the day I die and there is no stopping me, so don’t even try. With Joyce’s failed relationship with Lonnie and Hopper’s daughter dying and his own failed marriage, it is easy to say that these two are kindred spirits, both broken and tired, and dealing with trauma. They grew up together, went to high school together with Bob (moment of silence), and supposedly hooked up in the past. All that history before Will went missing. You can tell that Hopper genuinely cares for both Joyce and Will as he attends their sessions at the lab and begs Joyce to call him if anything ever changes. And when Hopper goes missing in the tunnels, Joyce is determined to find him and clings to him once she finds him. They’re a compatible match, for sure. Complimenting one another and bringing out the best in each other. And with Bob gone (sorry, Bob fans), that leaves the story wide open for some Jopper love. Can you just imagine the dinner table? Joyce, Hopper, Jonathon, Will, and Eleven all sharing in Joyce’s runny mashed potatoes. That’s true love, right there…

What are you hoping to see in Stranger Things 3? Did your hopes and dreams make out list? Did we miss anything? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments!

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