11 Takeaways from Stranger Things 2

With the release of Stranger Things 2 on Netflix on October 27th, many fans have already binged the entire season that continued the adventures of Eleven, Hopper, and Will Byers in Hawkins and The Upside Down. It was an action packed, nostalgia filled season where a heck of a lot happened… here are just Eleven (see what we did there?) takeaways from Stranger Things 2.

Spoiler Warning

1 . Nancy is officially with Jonathon. The age old debate–Team Steve or Team Jonathon–has taken a sudden twist. At the close of season one, Nancy was happily with Steve, solidly placing Jonathon in the friendzone. At the opening of season two, she is flirting with Jonathon and fighting with Steve, questioning what she wants. While I personally felt Nancy remaining with Steve seemed more believable, perhaps her ending up with Jonathon showed that her life is strange and she can’t have a “normal” life… not after fighting a Demogorgon.


2. The Gate to The Upside Down is closed. One of the unresolved issues from season one was the fact that the Gate to The Upside Down was still wide open, allowing monsters like the Demogorgon to continue to enter our world and for The Upside Down to continue to branch out, infecting our world. In season two, Will tells the others that in order to save him (and the entire world for that matter), they have to close the Gate. Eleven–who opened the Gate in the first place–volunteers. With Hopper at her side, she ventures back into Hawkins Lab to go and close the Gate, knowing she is the only chance the others have at saving Will. We see her power reach new heights as she manages to close the gate, trapping the Mind Flayer within and killing the Demodogs and vines of The Upside Down in the process. Once again, this girl was a complete badass and saved the day.

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3. There are other kids from Hawkins Lab with telekinetic powers. With a name like Eleven, you can’t help but assume that 1-10 came before her. We learn that there is at least one other kid from the lab still alive, Eight or Kali. She takes Eleven under her wing for a bit before escaping the police. This leads us to think that there are other kids out there, all with unique abilities that we might see next season.



4. The Mind Flayer is still alive. It’s one thing to kill a Demogorgon. It’s another thing altogether to defeat the Mind Flayer, it would seem. Despite the fact that the Gate to The Upside Down was closed by Eleven, it’s still alive and well and might even still have its eye on Will Byers. At the end of season two, everything seems happy–everyone is dancing at the Snow Ball, their troubles seemingly behind them–but then we watch as the world turns upside down and we see the Mind Flayer looming above Hawkins Middle School.

5. The hold that The Upside Down had on Will seems to be gone. At the end of season one, we saw Will cough up a slug, revealing to us that a piece of The Upside Down was still inside him. Throughout the entire second season, he is a spy for the Mind Flayer and The Upside Down. It isn’t until Joyce and Jonathon free Will from the Mind Flayer’s hold that Will is finally free of The Upside Down’s hold… at least for now…


6. Eleven is Jane. In season one, Hopper and Joyce met Terry Ives, a woman who claimed that her daughter, Jane, was stolen because of her psychic abilities. She was involved in some sort of government run drug test with Brenner. Covered up as a miscarriage, Terry believed that Jane was taken to Hawkins to hone her skills. We assumed it was Eleven after Hopper and Joyce’s visit in season one, but it was confirmed when Eleven went to visit Terry and was shown flashes of memories from her childhood. Rainbow. Sunflower. Three to the right. Four to the left. 450. Rainbow. Sunflower. Three to the right. Four to the left. 450. Rainbow. Sunflower. Three to the right. Four to the left. 450.

7. Literally everyone in Hawkins Lab died.  Except for Dr. Owens who somehow managed to escape with just a flesh wound, literally everyone else–from scientists to doctors and policemen–died when the Demodogs invaded the lab. What does this mean for Hawkins Lab and the secrets within? Is the conspiracy surrounding the lab over and done with? How can it possibly rebuild?

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8. Hopper adopted Eleven. While these two didn’t necessarily see eye to eye throughout most of the season, you can tell that they definitely have a very special bond. After he found her wandering in the woods, Hopper takes Eleven to a cabin in the woods, where he builds a safe little home for her. Together, they build a little family for almost a year until Eleven gets restless and begins to rebel against him (teenagers will be teenagers). Despite the fact that Hopper lost his daughter, Sarah, and the only father figure Eleven ever knew was Dr. Brenner, the two of them share a dynamic father/daughter relationship and in the end, it looks like Hopper actually adopts Eleven, hoping to give her a normal life. We’ll see how long that lasts.

9. The conspiracy of Hawkins Lab is officially exposed. Frustrated and still grieving Barb’s death, Nancy goes on a mission to reveal just what is going on at Hawkins Lab. With the help of Jonathon and ex-journalist turned conspiracy theorist, Murray Bauman, she is able to provide evidence of the Lab and its shady plans. The evidence is sent to every newspaper in the country and it appears that the lab is closed down for good. Way to go, Nancy!


10. Bob Newby, Joyce’s boyfriend is dead… which leaves room for Hopper to move in. Yes, it was sad to see Bob die after successfully saving the day, but let’s be honest: Joyce wasn’t going to end up with him anyway. Joyce’s relationship with Bob is similar to Nancy’s relationship with Steve: both represent the promise of a nice, normal life… something that Joyce can never have after losing Will. Hopper and Joyce have shared so much together, it’s only natural that they are connected in a deep and intimate way. They went to high school together, they clearly have hooked up in the past, and it would seem that they have feelings for one another despite the fact that they are taking their sweet old time admitting it to each other (and themselves). RIP Bob…

11. Dr. Brenner could still be alive. We never did learn whether or not Dr. Brenner survived the Demogorgon attack in the final episode of season one. We did see a clue in a newspaper article that Brenner made “no comment” about Will Byers’ disappearance in season one. Is that enough proof to tell us he somehow made it? There is a bit more foreshadowing in this season, hinting that he might, in fact, still be alive. Eleven is afraid to look for him in her mind, because she’s afraid of what she’ll find and one of the orderlies from the lab offers to tell Eleven where Brenner is. He was such a great villain that it would be a shame for him to not still be out there, waiting to get his hands on Eleven again.

What did you take away from Stranger Things 2? When do you think we’ll get an official announcement for Stranger Things 3? How many times have you watched this season so far? Let’s get chatting in the comments below! 

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  1. Just to be fair, Kali doesn’t have telekinetic powers, she seems to generate psychosomatic illusions. So, powers, yes. Telekinesis, no.

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