Bioshock: The Collection Review

After all these years, Rapture is still a dark and gritty labyrinth, playing as a big daddy is still empowering, and, from more recent memory, Columbia is still a marvel to see. The gameplay in all three games feels familiar and is bolstered by the graphical and frame rate improvements. Those that are new to the series will love the rich storytelling and immersive gameplay, and those who are returning to the series will find a plethora of additional content from Ken Levine and his team at Irrational Games. Continue reading Bioshock: The Collection Review

Shows on Netflix You Should Be Watching Part 1

As we venture into September the leaves are starting to change, school has started, and there’s a nice chill in the air. Maybe you’re looking for something new to watch or have some extra time to kill, if so you might want to take a look at my Must Watch Netflix List.
Continue reading Shows on Netflix You Should Be Watching Part 1

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