Geeks Assemble: Our Fall TV Preview

September 17, 2015 peteherr 1

There’s a lot going on this fall on the small screen. We asked the staff at the Geekiverse which returning shows they thought would be the best this season, and which of the new offerings […]


Daredevil: Season 1 Impressions

April 22, 2015 peteherr 0

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Comic books were a huge part of my life back then. We didn’t have 500 channels and hyper-realistic video games to occupy our time. So, I turned […]



April 19, 2015 vilonatrachtenberg 0

Welcome back, fellow Gotham fans. It’s been a long, hard month without Gotham, but we are welcomed back with a new villain and an even newer Jim Gordon ready to take on new challenges.


The Flash: Rogue Time Review

March 27, 2015 thesweetestlou 0

I’m going to forgo my normal style of writing this column…which is essentially just me talking to myself out loud as I type, thinking I’m having a conversation who might possibly care about what my […]

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