Ranked!: Greatest Grumps

May 12, 2017 thesweetestlou 0

Finally, I’m back!  And by back, I mean I’m here to introduce someone else doing a much better job at my list than I do!  We can all agree that there have been some miserable […]


ICYMI : Last Week At The Geekiverse

February 19, 2017 peteherr 0

Holy crap we had a great week last week over at Geekiverse International HQ. We say international because we can see Canada from here. So many good stories, welcomed some new Geeks, pulled the stops […]


Another Firefly Return??? Serenity Now.

February 13, 2017 peteherr 0

I was late to the Firefly party. It wasn’t hard to be. In actual party terms, Firefly was over before the pizza guy got there, with only 14 total episodes gracing the FOX airways back in […]


CBS Delays Star Trek Discovery

September 15, 2016 peteherr 0

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, CBS sent Star Trek back to space dock until May of 2017, citing the need to get it right. Um…….yeah. I guess on that we agree. […]

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