The Surge (PC) Review

May 17, 2017 Kevin Kapsiak 0

With the Dark Souls series being put to rest, at least for now, many gamers like myself are turning to similar games to sink countless hours into. Team Ninja had the first big release this […]


Nioh Review

February 21, 2017 Kevin Kapsiak 0

Nioh is a new game from Team Ninja, the creators of the Ninja Gaiden series. At first glance, it is easy to see that the roots of the game are in the Dark Souls genre. […]


NBA 2k17 Review

September 23, 2016 peteherr 3

Basketball is my favorite sport. I like it when when they move the left stick to dribble up the court.


Bioshock: The Collection Review

September 22, 2016 Jeff Dugan 0

After all these years, Rapture is still a dark and gritty labyrinth, playing as a big daddy is still empowering, and, from more recent memory, Columbia is still a marvel to see. The gameplay in […]


BREAKING: PS4 Pro & Slim Announced

September 7, 2016 peteherr 1

Sony has unveiled a mid-generation hardware upgrade for the PlayStation 4, dubbed “PlayStation 4 Pro”, as well as a slim model of the original PS4, “PlayStation 4 Slim”.

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