March 4, 2017 peteherr 0

Geek Madness is back and this year you can choose your bracket and play along to win prizes from The Geekiverse and Oogie Games. Register your bracket now, voting starts in just days….. AND IT’S FREE! 


Westworld Review

February 4, 2017 Andrew Garvey 1

Many of us have played MMORPGs before.  From Everquest to Warcraft to Final Fantasy XIV, millions of people log in and quest with friends every day.  But what if you didn’t just log in.  What […]


Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger Review

May 24, 2016 peteherr 0

What up geeks! Welcome back to my weekly review of Game of Thrones, this weeks episode they turned up the heat, quite literally! So without further ado lets get to it. Beware there will be spoilers!


Game of Thrones: Home Review

May 8, 2016 peteherr 0

Hello Geeks and welcome back, it’s time we take a closer look at the second episode of season six titled: ‘Home’ This post is full of spoilers, ye be warned.

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