Gotham: Selina Kyle Review

October 18, 2014 Josiah LeRoy 0

Gotham’s second episode dives right back into what is sure to be the main story line during its inaugural season – the mystery surrounding the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.


Gotham – The Pilot Review

October 7, 2014 Josiah LeRoy 0

Superheroes are more mainstream than ever. Batman is arguably at a new level too, with a successful trilogy on The Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan, 3 mega-popular Arkham video games from Warner Brothers and Rocksteady, […]


Girl Meets World Premiere Review

June 28, 2014 Josiah LeRoy 44

“I’VE ALREADY MET THE WORLD. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.” EPISODE SPOILERS BELOW Boy Meets World premiered 21 years ago in 1993 and ran for 7 seasons through 2000. It was a mega hit throughout its […]

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